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Elfen Lied (Thread)

i don't understand the ending?

Who cares?

I think it's supposed to be open to the interpretation of the reader... or something like that. I was somewhat confused about it as well.

@Mecha nah he story actually is double as long, the anime just stops right int he midle becaus eits a good poitn to stop i guess
at leats it tididnt have a whole anime-original ending, it just made a point the ending that isnt actually the ending

@break Oh, my mistake. For some reason I forgot there was an Anime for this story. I was thinking of the Manga. My mistake!

@Mecha ohh so you were confused abotu the manga's ending?

@break Somewhat... I mean, I understand what it is hinting at, but still. Endings that are up to interpretation always leave me feeling a little confused because there's never any absolute resolution to it. Haha

hmyeah, but the author of elfenlied pretty much tends to do taht alot..

Is over rated. <3

wow..u r right^^

wow..u r right^^

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