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why (Thread)

why do you think phones are made besides socializing do you think if there where less phones there be less communication and less problems? why?

Phones are made because people buy them (supply and demand). People buy them because they need a device to instantly exchange information, regardless of where they are.

Let me just throw this out here: Romeo and Juliet wouldn't end up where they ended up if both had a mobile phone.

the title isn't really that fitting imho

just sayain

I think that phones are made because aliens want to control our minds. They use a type of supersonic frequency that will slowly but surely take over the human race. So yes, I think if there were less phones there would be less problems.

Why you ask? Do you want to be mind probed by Aliens? I think not. Unless you're into that.

Think of phones as a telepathic super power. With it you are able to talk to people who are not physically in front of you.

Phones also allow you to do server work when you are away from your computer, check emails when you are away, and a multitude of other work things you should not be doing when on vacation.

Phones are actually hellish contraptions made to steal your life energy, convert it into electricity and wirelessly send it to the nearest reciever. Energy gathered from all the recievers is then being led into the high-voltage network of the nearest power plant and sold back to you as electricity which you use to charge your mobile phones.

That would be so awesome.

you are all right thanks
4 your answers

Better question:

If there were no phones, would the internet come to be as it has?

OP might be a dumbass.


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