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Steve Jobs is dead. (Thread)

Personally, I don't feel that sorry for him. But some people might. In before Macfags cry on this thread.

man he died too young

Why does his death remind me of Billy Mays? Only, Billy Mays was like 200% cooler.


Too many people die young due to cancer. My grandpa was younger than Steve Jobs when he died. Never went under any treatment either.

While I still won’t buy any Apple products, I do have great respect for the man and his contributions to computing and the digital age as a whole.

You don't have to like the man, but you can't help but respect him.

I don't respect him. People forget that Steve Jobs was a asshole at times.

Shit,that sucks.May he rest in peace.

lol everybody is an asshole at times ashkachan XD MAJOR assholes

Yeah I didn't always agree with how he ran Apple, but the man was certainly a visionary and had a profound impact on the industry. Regardless of what you thought of him... this is just another reminder that cancer sucks hardcore...

He did help co-found Pixar.
So his existence had a purpose.
But otherwise.
Another guy dead.
The world goes on.

He helped create pixar, the man has my respect for that, plus his contributions to computers in general, regardless of him as a person like fieyr said he had a profound impact on the industry so it's still a very big loss.

@Ashkachan thanks for informing people but god get a damn better attitude, show some respect for the dead. And how can you not feel sorry for him? He died of cancer! what is fucking wrong with you?!

Okay, let's summarize

  • He was a totalitarian head of a company that recycles their products every year with slight upgrades and even bigger pricetags
  • He denied his illegitimate daughter and refused responsibility
  • He had a horribly short temper
  • He hasn't done much, if anything at all, for charity
  • He cheated on his co-workers early in his career

YET people praise him as "this generations John Lennon" and our Messiah?
Don't make me laugh...
This guy has so many asshole traits, I can't say I honestly feel sorry for him.

Ahaha, okay whatever. I don't feel sorry for the guy because he was a complete asshole. I can't have my own opinions anymore huh? Pretty much everything the post above mine is EXACTLY why I hate the guy. The weird thing is that I'd feel more sorry for Bill Gates than Steve Jobs if he was in this situation.

I've been making jokes about Steve Jobs being dead for a few hours. Good stuff. who's up for buying stocks on apple tomorrow?

Anyways, sorta sucks to see the guy who helped shaped the industry to what it is today go.

/doesn't use a mac

Who the hell is h--

.... OH. That guy.... Pshh... /disregards.

Messiah,wtf?Okay,I feel bad for his death and all but who the fuck would call him our Messiah.

People are freaking stupid. /SIGH

I hated how he ran apple. However, I have also lost someone to pancreatic cancer. Its a horrible long fight to survive and many people lose. I thank Steve Jobs for creating all the apple products, pixar, and everything else. You fought cancer well, RIP.

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