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Steve Jobs is dead. (Thread) - Page 3

Are you that stupid? That doesn't mean that you can post it on here!

and I didn't even need to leave this site.

Also, there is no point in continuing what has degenerated into a flame war, so I shall make my leave from this thread.

Aww I'm sorry :'( I guess taking something you posted publicly on one site and posting it on another site is wrong.

Want me to delete it?That'll help?Cause complaining about will help since you're doing it D:.

Uhh... No, it's quite the contrary, actually. Whatever shit that you decided to spout online may be used public by anyone, at any time, and under any circumstances. I don't see you putting a damned copyright on that shit if you seriously didn't want it to spread.

Just shut the fuck up, and don't post my tweets publically.

Oh look, someone thinks it's possible to make posts in what is essentially the megaphone of the internet silent.

post-lock edit: And on that bombshell, good night!

Lol, shut the fuck up.

Due to the outcome of this thread, I will be locking it, as this is read.

If you wish to make another thread about Steve Jobs's death, please apply empathy. Death is not easy for anyone, despite disliking who it may concern.

If you do not care for someone's death, I will humbly ask you to not mention it, since the purpose of this community is not to hate, but to share and discuss information, in a respectful matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

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