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Is it true? Yes, crows can think! (Thread)

Turns out, they are actually more intelligent then chimpanzees! Read the article.

Yea. They can apparently pick out your face from millions-- don't piss them off.

@Momimochi I thought it was Pigeons who hold grudges?

"Supporting the idea that crows are among the most intelligent of birds, they have a particularly high brain-to-body-mass ratio. New Caledonian crows weigh about half as much as a common pigeon, but their brain is about twice the size." Thought brain size didn't matter, Only the connections the brain makes. I could be wrong though~

How awesome would it be to have a crow stalker?

Crows are also gossip freaks.

All animals can think.

@13 Indeed. After reading @Yoshiya's link I'm starting to wonder if they may even be self aware.
But I don't think they necessarily spoke to each other. They probably just learned who was being targeted and eventually teamed up. I know Crows love to fuck with cats and almost any other kind of predator.

They can also use tools.

@Noodle If they can distinguish the differences between certain numbers, they are probably capable of a written language. So what if in the future, crows will talk to each other using symbols?


no, those were crows. My friend attacked one, the next day, a flock started harrassing him on the way to school.

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