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Steve Jobs 1955-2011 (Thread)

-due to the other thread got lock, im making a new one-

Steve Jobs passed away today at the age of 56 after 8 years of fighting with cancer
I'm not the type who would care about stuff that aren't related to me, but this man deserves an exception.
Your vision really have changed the world immensely. Rest in peace, you will forever be missed.

I heard the news just this morning; and realized that it happened 18 minutes before I found out. Steve jobs made a huge revolution in the world of handheld technology. People such as him don't come around everytime.

I checked on youtube, and all newly uploaded videos are in memory of Steve Jobs. I guess, we could say this is worse than the global economic crisis, to an extent.

STeve Jobs, will forever be remembered.

P.S. just weeks ago, I was thinking of getting an Ipad2... do you think it's coincidence that it so occurred into my mind in relation to this great man or it's a forewarned message?

At best, the mobile technology progressed a bit faster than without him, it was already quite obvious how the market would develop.
Steve Jobs did not reinvent the wheel - he just made sure everyone thought they needed one of his.
The nicest I can say about him is that he was skilled in making others do what he wanted.

RIP Steve Jobs, defeated by PC...

uhhhhm the other thread was overbashign him, this one is praisign him too much.. okay, he did some good works, but "worse then the global economic crisis", "forever be remembered", arent you overreacting? besides, many far greater men are forgottten all over now.. honestly, it will most likely nto even a month till nobody speaks of this or sees it a big issue anymore..


thanks for the information. i will be coming to you the next time steve jobs dies.

"You know we're in a recession when,

even Apple is losing Jobs"

the other thread was bashing @Ashkachan, not Jobs. It became a quarrel between kids, so it was closed.
but I agree, people raise him too high

@trollhide okay tahtd true again.
but then again, tis only to be expected-whenever a celebrity dies, especially if its cnacer, peopel ALWAYS raise them that high, say they shall never be fforgotten, and whatever. the exact same thign happened (hell the threads were even bigger) when amy whienhouse dies some months ago. we had the exact same phenomenon, it annoys me..

reminds me, I laughed about whinehouse as well...
but yes, I see your point, @break, and I kinda agree.

haha good^^
the only people we should make a fuss (and nor such a big and overhyped one, cuz then it just gets dumb and pisses on their graves, as to speak) abotu are those whith an occupation tehy couldnt finish that is related to us. like, dunno, the author of trinity blood who died before completign the last volume of the light novel. fans can make a fuss abotu that alright. or musicians that were right in their prime, okay! that way, it at least properly affects the fans. but dont try to act all teary-eyed when the death of that person doesnt even affect you, and your just trieng to look affectionate.. argh. for some reason i cant put it in words well today. im constantly missign some. amybe im just tired.

I was more surprised that Amy Winehouse was not already dead.

On the topic of Jobs:

I do not care for his company, nor do I care about his views, though I must give props in that he was a great man, run a fantastically successful business, and generally turned the music and mobile computing worlds on their heads. This brought forth much innovation between Apple and it's competitors, making the mobile, music player, and tablet markets much more amazing than they would have been without him.

It goes without saying that he's been making a splash since the Apple II, but hardly anyone here would know anything about it. ;w;

Bill gates is like:

The only thing for which I would have thanked him it's ivention of PC mouse...
His famous iPhone i dont ever see in real =_=

Personally, I don't think you can judge a man if you never actually knew him. It's very easy to say "one less idiot in the world" if you never knew the idiot.

He has my respects for what he's accomplished, more or less.

I don't own an Apple product; they were too shiny.

My friend's facebook status:

I still hate Apple products. I can't see myself owning an iPhone or a Mac any time soon.

Yet credit must be given where credit is due: the Macintosh line revolutionized personal computing; its graphical user interface made computers accessible to the general public like never before.

But that was before my generation's time, and, for all we know, in a few decades the Macintosh name and all those obnoxious products with names beginning in "i" might be largely forgotten. The brilliance of the films animated by Pixar, however, is something which we have all experienced, and to which we can all attest, and which I am confident will withstand the test of time.

To have revolutionized one field is an honour attained by a few in each generation. To have revolutionized two is an incredibly remarkable feat that only a few in history could claim.

Here's to a man who epitomizes the word "visionary", and whose death should leave all of us shaking our heads sadly, thinking, "the good die young".

You all know who I'm talking about. Rest in peace.

@One Dollar, I LOL'D!

True, we do have the tendency of praising a recently-deceased person too much; but yeah, proof around the commercialism side has shown his successes. And I agree very well with @Yoshiya. Besides, most who I know, myself included, aren't apple maniacs, yet we own at least 1 apple product (i.e. Ipod for me). I didn't worship him for such an excellent gadget but the fact that I use it as it is used shows my utmost respects for him.

One thing I can't tolerate and tried to ignore is when someone dies, there's a faction that would praise him, and there's a group that would bash him now that he/she/it's gone from this world. coughYoutubeSteveJobsIsDeadUploadVideoscough

P.S. this never occured to me with the recent Amy Winehouse news at all, I don't care for I don't know until I saw it happen. :/


in the bashing group XD

cos it's cool to not like and bash famous people. since i left the whole Colorless has turn into a bunch of hipster eh ?

may sound pretentious but can we leave it ? Someone just died and you guys already bashing him. have a fucking soul.

I know to you it's cool to hate him, to be different but god sake, what you doing is like going into the 9/11 memorial and saying "they're a bunch of dickheads, they deserve to die". It is different to do that but it as well fucking dumb.

don't waste your time with all the "oh i not doing it cos it's cool to do so, i just don't really like him blah blah i don't see why people praise him blah blah"
cos i won't be coming back here to read it.

Wondeful, the idiocy of a few individuals has made it so it looks like every person on this site is equally as idiotic.

@Jin_sama, there's another analogy to that and not just the 9/11. Remember the basing when the earthquake+tsunami combo hit Japan? A lot were relating it to the pearl harbor incident; the nerve of such people.

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