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Guys, Persona 4 Portal. P4A, P4G, P4U. (Thread)

hai thar, shin megami tensei fans, or persona series fans, or p4 only fans, or whatever.

aaand sure you guys have heard bout persona 4 animation. TODAY. FFFF.
It's amazing, yes! game into anime? and PERSONA 4? okay, im dying cause of the nosebleed.
and still i can wait. been looking the anime download, thru google. and the result is zero.
i think im impatient, and i am (sowhat)

have you heard bout the persona 4 portal? yes. go to
about Persona 4: The Golden (or P4G) aand Persona 4: The Ultimate (P4U) .


  • about P4G, i heard bout it a lot from famitsu. and youtubeing. it's nice! got new cutscenes, COSTUMES, MOTORCYCLE, WIFI THING, and.. many more. it's for PS Vita. so we gotta save our money for Vita, cause it eventually will get some great games, for sure. I CANT WAAAAAAIT. oh yeah, release date? around Spring 2012. ffffffffffffffff

  • P4U, a spinoff of p4, in arcade mode. YEAAAAA. AR-CADE! it's like, bang boom ctang ftaang boom bash or whatever! it's cool, altho Shinegori Soejima didnt do the artworks, so... humph. whatever. it's persona 4. arcade. with aegis in it. yes, P3 Aegis. *le dances.

SO, guys!

please tell me/us if you find anything, PVs, CMs, wallpaper, scans, or blargh, i dont care. just post it, please? :3

Just wanna dig, and sorry for the wrong gramma, or the spoiler.


its nice your so fired up, but both subjects already have their own threads, so why not bump these instead and put them back on the top page? both have been around sicne the first little info has come out for both of these awesoem topics, so rather get them back up sicne its nice to be fired up, but still duplicate threads are still going against this site's policy, especially sicne on the old threads, there already is so much information and discussion we all accumulated~

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