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Remote Joy Lite Q&A (Thread)

I just got a PSP and I plan to record some video gameplays. Some are externally good but sacrifices the HD quality and Remote Joy is the next best thing on the web disposal.

My unit is a PSP-3000 and already has CFW (custom firmware) my next question is... is it safe to run RemoteJoy Lite on it and my computer? Won't it crash one/the other/both?

Anyone with experience in this, please let me know. Epic videos are stuck and are in need of transfer.

Note: RemoteJoy lite is a program that enables, via USB, to show your PSP screen into your computer in HD with a crisp & clear recording feature. This applies mostly with Custom Firmware PSP's and shows better results than through an AV cable as far as evidential media by same users is concerned.

yeah remotejoy is perfectly safe. Theres really nothing to worry about.

just make sure your using the right remote joy lite. At the very most the only thing that will happen is that the remotejoy lite window on your computer will stay black.

oh and what cfw are you running?

Which CFW is installed?
It normally should be alright to run RemoteJoy, although the latest version (sth around ~0.20) is said to be a bit troublesome.

However, it is NOT "perfectly safe". That simply is not true. I wonder how many times my PSP crashed when on air due to RemoteJoy...
Just do yourself a favor and SAVE OFTEN without recording/streaming the video to your PC! At times it really does crash your PSP, normally in loadingscreens or level transitions.

Your PC will be completely fine, but, if you're running Win7, you'll need to disable driver signature enforcement stuff on startup before you'll get to see results on your PC. There's no way to permanently disable it, you'll have to press F8 when you start your computer with the intention of recording and disable it in the upcoming menu.

Also, RemoteJoy does not transmit sound, you'll have to connect a Line-cable from your PSP to PC and record simultaneously. FRAPS will help you with both audio and video, though.

Oh, but you won't get HD quality. Even if you upscale Remotejoy's output, the PSP's native resolution is not even close to HD.

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