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Anime Secret Love Child?!? (Thread)

This is just for fun. Like the title suggests, we can talk about characters who resemble two characters from the same anime(or even different anime) as if
he/she is their offspring.

It doesn't matter if the offspring is from the same or a different anime as the parents. Just don't post anything like [ Vegeta + Bulma = Trunks ] because that would be really stupid. DUH its called secret love child! >.<

Canon pairs are fine as long as the offspring is not their child. Yaoi and Yuri pairs are welcome(just about anything is okay), as long as we don't turn this thread into pairing war. Again, this is solely for everyone's amusement.

It would be better if you can post images so we can see the "offspring's" resemblance to its "parents". To start here's [ Chrome + Kyoya = Ciel ]


Ingrid the sage from the anime/manga Astarotte no Omocha looks and acts liek the Love Child of Xerxes Break and Echo From the Manga/anime Pandora Hearts.

@break: I'm not really familiar with those characters so I googled them and these images came up. ^^,
[ Xerxes Break ] + [ Echo ]

= [ Ingrid ]

yeah, thats pretty much it^^ though this pic of echo looks a little too tall, shes basically an expressionless loli

I also found this on Zero-chan some time ago. Had a good laugh at this
JAPAN + ENGLAND/UK (Hetalia) = ROCK LEE (Naruto)





........ I must have been very high to have thought of this.

I think Ash Ketchum's father is Giovanni.

@Momimochi nonono, It's Naoto and Lelouch that make Naoi.

... But that would tarnish Lelouch's reputation. In so many more ways than one.

@Momi that's why it's a SECRET love child.


= Takara


But Nobari +Naoto = Naoi is like, the ideal thing. Even their names fit. And they look like triplets. No joke. = = Sorta noticed it when I posted the pics.

@TalTal19: LOL XD

Aaaaah, I saw that in Naruto -searches Photobucket...-


and also... + =


  • Sanae Furukawa

= Holo

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