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favorite book (Thread)

whats your favorite book that you read?

mine is the escape from the furnece books

1984 and Fightclub, right now.

Fantastic books, I insist that everybody read them.

Halo: The Fall Of Reach and all of the Halo books.

I quite like The Picture of Dorian Grey.

Charlie and The chocolate factory.

(It's because that's the only book I've ever read lol)

im currently reading the heros of olympus and im enjoing reading them

@JoJoBird: Oh my God, 1984 is my favorite as well!

I mean, my all time favorite. Ever. Oh my God, I love that book. Unexplainable emotion. Best. Book. Ever.

Kay, I'm done.

the giving tree

harry potter
i could just read it over and over again

I'm sure we have a thread like this but ok sure.

Favorite series is the Night Angel trilogy. Made me weep tears irl ;o(. Rereading as we speak.


Ender's Game.

is there really a book about fightclub cause that b cool to read


the catcher in the rye is the book that i really enjoyed

The Phantom Tollboth. If you haven't read it already, do so.

Battle Royale and Books by Haruki Murakami~

Harry Potter...any of them. <3

Anything by Agatha Christie and oh yeah Dante's Inferno of course and the tribute to it called ,,The Dante Club" by Matthew Pearl.
I haven't read any books lately, I was kinda down so I didn't find that mood.I started ,,Perfume" by Patrik Suskind but I didn't manage to finish it due to the excess of boring details.

maximum ride all of them and unwind

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