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The Dead (Thread)

Me and my Brother were kind of bored last night and went to go see a movie. It was a random movie that only this theater was showing. Little did I know, this would be the best zombie movie I have ever seen. It's suspenseful, scary, intense, and quite realistic. It isn't like other zombie movies were they sprint at you full blast, the directors actually thought it out. They knew that it would be illogical to have some who just died, went through rigimortis, and is now sprinting towards like an athlete.

Not only that, but it has relate-able characters. No over muscular zombie killing machine that is impossible to kill. Just two average joes.

Not only is it unique in the sense of it being actually thought out, but it's based in Africa. Yes, I said Africa, not a fake set, but actually shot in Africa. This isn't the average "Woo Hoo zombie Apocalypse, let's loot it up!" movie. They don't go to a mall an enjoy themselves, they are in constant fear. Sure, they may have some seemingly relaxed moments where they converse about their lives, but it doesn't last long. This movie is a gem in a die art. The Zombie art that is.

I truly suggest you go and see it. It just came out yesterday in select theaters, but I think most theaters have it now.

Well of course the run fast they're bla- uhh,they look very fit.

@Kitto In this movie they don't run at all. They stumble.

/Adds to list of horror movies to watch/

I usually avoid movies with zombies or considered horror because of just shock horror or gross-out and the reasons you mentioned, but this looks very good. I will look for a nearby theater that shows this. Need more movies with actual settings and sets unlike many new movies that are in front of cgi screens.

I'm surprised that that movie title hasn't been used before.

@kuru it has actually. I found it looking for this movie.

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