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Evacuated Tube Transport (Space Travel on Earth) (Thread)

So today I found out about Evacuated Tube Transport.

Basically the idea is... we could build tubes that stretch for thousands of miles to transport both people as well as goods.

The tubes themselves would contain a maglev vacuum environment so that the capsules that carry the people/goods wouldn't be slowed by wind resistance or from any part of the capsules touching the tube itself. This also means that once the capsules are accelerated, there would no need for additional power due to there being no friction. In other words... you would just keep going along... similar to satellites in orbit around Earth.

Check out the following youtube vid.

This is amazing stuff. Why haven't we set up any plans for this? There is always some amazing ideas out there that no one ever enforces and allows it to be lost in a pile of other great ideas. If we solve our own transportation problem then we can focus on bigger and better ideas of transportation, if we solve our crisises (?) now we will have more time to be able to advance our society. Extremely great idea but would possibly take years of development.

....thats pretty interesting. where did they get the idea for.. oh, right. futurama, anyone?

All I can think is that it would be hard to connect Australia to this system. But if they can do it then I wont need to pay huge Airline tickets.

Well a project like this would require a huge investment. Not to mention multistate/multinational cooperation. We should start with transferring goods first since there will inevitably be lessons that need to be learned. In other words... we need to have a solid idea of how to build it safely so we don't endanger lives.

I think it would make sense to start with our mail system. In the United States at least, the postal service is hemorrhaging money due to people simply not sending as many letters as they used to. They don't have the money to pay their workers or support the current mailing infrastructure. If something like this were built, there would be the one time cost of building the initial infrastructure... but then... costs could be recuperated slowly over time by charging people per capsule sent. Since it would be built for both goods AND mail.... once money from sent mail trickled down to nothing... .revenue from various other goods would take its place.

In 1999, Inc. was incorporated in Florida as an international consortium of licensees to research, develop, and implement ETT. The licensees are individuals, experts, companies, and institutions that number over 75 as of May 2010. The et3 in the company name refers to 'Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies' (et3), trademarks of Inc.

Just some links, Been googling~

Edit: 600km/h (370 mph) for in state trips, and will be developed to 6,500 km/h (4,000 mph) JESUS!

@Deftones - Haha I know right? I completely forgot to link to Thanks for doing that.

One thing I just thought of... how will they handle continental drift? These things have to be crazy straight right? So wouldn't the continents moving over time screw that up? Even if by just a few inches?

What about earthquakes?

Ah man @Fieyr.. You're ruining my dreams. I have no idea how they'll handle all that.. Maybe keep the tubes floating as well? I have no idea how they'd do that. Eh.

Too bad some people don't want you to stop buying their fuel. And they're sitting in your governments. To them, global prosperity means loss of control. And it's not some conspiracy theory shit, it's as real as it gets. You ain't gonna be getting this until you build it with your own two hands.

@Fieyr I was thinking earthquakes as well. Also, what about climate changes and thermal expansion? If the capsules are fit to the tube and come from heat to cold, wouldn't something break?

@Kuru - The capsules are actually smaller than the tube and will be levitated using magnets such that they don't touch the sides. The tube itself could be built from materials that expand and contract with thermal changes and it wouldn't affect the capsule itself.

@Deftones - Just call me Yumekui Fieyr. Lol... so lame...

The solution may be that we simply can't have the tube cross onto another plate. In fact, maybe these locations would be ideal places for terminals where passengers and goods could be loaded and unloaded. That way... only the terminals themselves would have to make the adjustment for plate movement.

Oh God, My brain is surging with possibilities!

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