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The Colorless Fashion (Thread)

inspired by a certain other Thread, this thread is for the Colorless to share their Opinions on their Fashion, and tell us what exactly you like to wear and why.
Always include the ups and downs of your Clothes, and dotn include more than two pictures per post!

Oh baby. First off, if we really want to get this working...ZE GRAMMA' MISTAKUZU DESU.
:< Did you not read my helpful posting guide?

It's right there~! =w=

Random item from what I have:

Brand: Roushatte
Price: 3000JPY (man has the yen gone up quickly, it wasn't as high when I got it)
Bought Where: Jeans Mate, Ikebukuro (Heading there at 11PM meeting drunk whitecollars on your way ftl)
Bought When: Summer 2010

Pros: Metal buttons make everything easier.
Cons: Collar tends to be uneven (I think I need to iron it more often). Chest pockets are annoying to close.
Brand: ....Vans, I think.
Bought Where: I think my sister got them from Hot topic.
Bought When: Christmas a few years back

Pros: Easy to put on.
Cons: Look like homeless people shoes and the soles are worn out.

how did you mangae to teaer them THAT BADLY in just a few years, hutch? the wshoes homeless people ge for free wuld be prolly in better condition actually..
@someone1234 ah, interesting, i wear stuff like that alot too.

Work. I used to unloaded freights. You'd be surprised how often I'd catch my foot on something or drop something sharp on it or just what wear and tear does in a fast paced job. It doesn't help that I have this past time of walking around town. I get bored, I get up and go walk for a good twenty miles. There's many side-walks so you get to walk along the badly paved roads. Stuff will jack shoes up fast.

@Hutch Get yourself a new pair of converses like these:
They're comfy and only about $30 if you know where to look.
I actually have plenty of shoes. This doesn't even count my several pairs of work shoes. I even have the same shoes again. :P I'm just a creature of habit that likes to wear the same boring stuff over and over. :P

lol so why did you post your most beat up ones?

Because I wear them the most and I like them best.

@Sushi true. though mine have another pattern

Chuck Taylor Converses. <3

Other than that I guess Hollister/Ambercombie/Fitch and Band shirts are what I wear. Oh, and jeans. You can never really go wrong with jeans.<3

Hightops feel weird for me, it's like wearing a boot without the boot part.

I have this thing about shoes being all up on my ankles. :P
Man flipflops all day err' day.
Lunarlite tennis shoes?

Generic brand of uggs during the winter?

When did this become a shoe thread? :o
Dem flippy floppys

This says it all:
Brand: I usually wear the fake ones which are cheaper. It's R60 which is about 7.59US$
Bought Where: Our local PEP
Ups: They are so comfy and add well to my Punk image.
Downs: I wear it every day, so it don't last long.

Skinny jeans or any other type of jean:
Brand: anything that's cheap. From R100 - R140 which is about 12.66US$ - 17.73US$
Bought Where: Mr Price
Ups: Comfy and casual as well as semi-formal with the right top and works well with my Punk image.
Downs: The really nice ones are too expensive.

any bedazzle
any studs and shiny silver bedazzle add-on's to add to my clothing to make it more punk.
Brand: mostly home-made.
Bought Where: Small back ally shops, Chinese shops and home-made.
Ups: adds to my Punk-image.
Downs: I can't really find any and if I do, the shops sell it at ridiculous prices!
LOVE converses :) other than converses I also love my green camo Ed Hardy shoes- slip on, really comfortable. Flip flops are great too.

Why are the majority only posting shoes. . . ? xD

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