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You guys ready for this one? (Thread)

Alright, so picture this. Two giant stars of equal mass are very far away from eachother.

In the center of the two stars, is a planet with enough mass be affected by both stars, at the same time.

My question, would be, what would the orbit of that planet look like? I've thought about it, and it would either be something like an infinity symbol, like a sideways 8, or something more like a line.

Any ideas?

Also, what would the eccentricity of an orbit like that be?

I don't see the point. :o
Tl;dr: apparently not possible.

Are you ready for THIS?

Depends, are their any other factors close by, or is it just the 3 objects?

It will inevitably break in half because it's an indecisive bitch and both suns will end up happy. x2

I like you guys. <3

I'm no expert or anything on this subject... but assuming none of the objects have a velocity and they have no other factors affecting them. Wouldn't the planet in the middle just remain stationary since it's being pulled equally in 2 opposite directions?


I do remember reading about NASAs Kepler probe actually finding a binary star system with planet a while ago, though that doesn't really mean the orbit needs to be stable, just stable enough for us to find it before it goes to hell.

The guy with the simulations seems to have done just that, simulated. I wonder if you could work out a stable orbit mathematically, at least for some special cases... It certainly is possible for things to orbit bodies that orbit other bodies, but two things with equal-ish mass and one with smaller...

The moons with collide with the planet due to the universal law of gravitation and the whole universe will cease to exist.

Sounds just about right.

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