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Colorless Teamspeak (Thread)

Hello! Just dropping by here saying that I made a Teamspeak server for the Colorless. Just connect to and you're good :)

is Teamspeak worth the download?

Already have skype, msn, oovoo and I am not sure I need one more place where no one talks?

I think it might be interesting. Everyone could stay connected... and then every once in a while someone could whisper something creepy.

For example:

"I'm right behind you..."

Ventrilo harassment.

In all seriousness, though, I'm up for it.

Whoever gets online while I'm also online will be ranked up from Guest to Normal user, and those are able to create channels.

Bumpity bump.

So, I'm on right now and no one is on. /Forever alone.

Ooh, I wanna do this. c:

Well then do it~

:3 ill go on later tonite

Okay, I'll make a list of people who were on tonight.

  • Gargron
  • YouFailHard
  • SENsei
  • Nandaba

All on at different times.

This is actually a great tool for groups such as the Livewatch group.

Hmmm... I use this pretty often for different purposes, but it seems fun I'll check it out.

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