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Funny anime (Thread)

I have a hard time finding funny anime so i gusse other people have the same problem so i thought i would ask if anyone knows any funny anime please nothing to violent -extream gag reflects to blood-

Beelzebub soo funny

where did all the other coments go

@break Into the void, or perhaps they weren't actually part of this world in the first place and merely returned to their original world!!!

Gintama (though that can get pretty violent during the awesome serious arcs)
Level E
SKET Dance

I could name more but I'll leave it at that for now.

I find One Piece pretty funny along with Toriko, and maybe even Bleach.

Oh! And Durarara!!!

Clannad and Clannad after-story were so funny I was crying the whole time...

On a serious note... Setokai no ichizon was funny... lol Setokai yakuindomo was also enjoyable.

Mitsudomoe was very funny.

Wtf happened to my post? I call shenanigans.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

@piranaut trolllol-lol-lol-lol
that one is too funny...

Try the law of ueki it laughed my head off

Try Higurashi!

My favorite comedy is Cromartie High School, the english dub. Sure I guess that the japanense one is really funny as well but I really liked the english voices.

Baka to test to shukaju is also really funny, and Hetalia.

And I second Sket dance.

Tha'ts the ones I can think of on top of my head.

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