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Japan offers 10,000 free trips to foreigners (Thread)

just read it...
Will you apply for a free trip to Japan?
Which region do you want to go to?
Do you think this will help Japan boost tourism in Japan ?


Man, their tourism industry must've taken a real nosedive for that to happen.

I will make my whole school apply.
I kid.
But really, I would apply, and I would most likely either choose Tokyo or Kyoto.
And yes, it probably will. If so many people went and there isn't really much negative feedback, I'm sure the tourist rate will most likely rise, if not, even by a little.

not uninteresting... pretty interestng actually...

i really wanna go to Chiba and visit my friend there, Fukuoka and Tokyo (especially Shibuya). ;_;

same wuestion. same reason, though another area. wheere do i sign upp?

I'd go, but my parents won't let me. :'(

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. Since I'm 18 I wouldn't really need parental permission... but how do I sign up??? :D

I don't know whether ou can sign up yet...
The trips are 2012 and Japan released the information only recently so i think we'll have to wait a few more weeks/months

srsly dunno

I heard about the trips on the radio and read something on reddit later

Where do I sign up? I wanna go to Kyoto!

Humm this could be interesting and TOTALLY HELPFUL AS I PLAN TO GO IN 2012!

I would love to go! Too bad I know no Japanese! Have fun people without any knowledge of Japanese language! (Oh god I am so tired.)

This would be awesome! Though I feel I am in the same situation as PureBoredom: I don't know any Japanese at all. Would make it rather difficult to find my way around, I'd think. Haha

THATS cool i want to go but i don't know japanese and i have to go to school

Hm, if I pay off some of my student loans by then, I might consider going. Seems like an amazing opportunity.

I would like to go but, I can't read speak or even write in Japanese. And where do I even get the Japanese currency?
But other than the important factors, Japan is just awesome period.

Would love to go to Japan.
Does not know any Japanese, other than frequently used words in anime.
Mother would never let me go to Japan.


i cant let such an opportunity go to waste.. i think i could speak enough to get around, more or less, beeing in a country helps learnign its language faster too if you already have some basics so its an awesoem opportunity for that too. the only problem woul dbe that i cannot read kanji/kana/hiragana/katakana...

I saw this on Lithuanian page and... I don't believe it. But if this would be real I would CERTAINLY go >:C

///oh yeah to Japan,Nah Dude///

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