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To Fellow Americans: Wouldn't we be in good hands... (Thread)


Morgan Freeman is our president?

I would feel damn safe.

He would lull you into a false scene of security with that voice of his. Slowly making everyone his slaves.

If he ever were targeted he would just slow time, then curve the bullet into the assassin. Therefore, he could never be assassinated, a good thing to have as president.

i thought 9mm was japanese? anyways, i approve of morgan freeman as president of the world.

@break I am. but I live in Americah. duh.

If Morgan Freeman was our president, he would save us from asteroids bound for Earth.

I don't know everything about Morgan Freeman's political abilities, but I must say, with that voice he sure would make State of the Union Addresses much more engaging.

He would narrate everything.
Just narrate.
He's got my vote.

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