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Server Troubles with our VPS Provider (Thread)

Well, as you've undoubtedly noticed, we've been experiencing a bit of a problem here. Our VPS provider, VPSnet, seems to be having some inter-server connection issues, thus leading to database errors. We run our database and the code/staticContent parts of the site separately, for simplicity/security, but with these connection issues the site cannot always "find" the database server.

Either way, we haven't been given an ETA but we're hoping it's resolved by the end of the day. Thank you for bearing with us, and understanding that there's nothing we can really do about it. Have a great day!

Oh, and please try to not bash myself and @Gargron with uninformed opinions on how the site works. cc: @Lethn

Oh, so that's why everything was messed up...

Thanks for clearin that up.
I guess I'll just watch anime until the site's back to normal~

Btw, nice squid hat.

Squids FTW >:D

Alright! Issue resolved

The guys resolved it. Here is what caused the issue:

The problem was caused by 'zombie' VPS (VPS with the same configuration as your server but running on the other hypervisor).

So you might say we've been under a zombie attack. Have fun with that thought!

Yay, it's fixed.

Zombie attacks? Next time get ya ammo ready to bust a cap in they undead ass.


That reminds me, The Walking Dead season 2 starts tomorrow.

@JoJoBird Does it? That's cool. I was wondering about it just yesterday (loved the first season)

/Googles Walking Dead/

thanks for the info, now I'm relived to know I'm not banned xD

@Archangel You'd know when you're banned.

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