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I need help(--') In confidence. (Thread)

Yeah...Im not a person who puts personel questions here,but i need help i like this girl but i'm not the womanizing type of guy.I can't decide what i should do.Okay i think she likes me too,for example we talk for hours,and everytime she sees me she hugs me.But i think she sees me as a friend.I just need someone's opinion

Well i asked out a girl yesterday. just sak, if they say no, get over it, your still friends :)

Well, do you like her? If not, just go with flow.
I know my fair share of girls that do things you mentioned with most of their dude friends. Anyways IMO what you do in the end should be from your own judgement.

Think of it this way...
Would you rather regret never taking the chance or regret taking the chance?

Try toasting bread and put some peanut butter and jelly on it. Whatever your problem is, I'm sure this can solve it. If you're still having problems, try putting more jelly on it.


You should ask her. You seem like a kind and good person. I can see that you care, just be yourself and ask. She will always be if she's truly your friend or you'll have a girlfriend whos cares about you. Either option is good, so cheer up! :D

Start being confident in other things than just being confident for one task than your mindset will change and you will become a more confident person and people will see that. It will also make a task that needs confidence easier since you've already gained it . This thread reminded me of this so I hope Julie Andrews will help you.

Protip: Sounding confident beats being right most of the time. If you sound like you know what you are talking about people will think so too.

But then there's confidence and a-holishness, don't have the latter.

WOW thanks :D this is my first thread on thecolorless,and thank you so much to everybody who put their answer and im going to ask her out tomorrow 'o' thanks again

tell her how you feel
if she doesnt like you
she isnt worth it

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