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Anime Suggestions!!! (Thread) - Page 2

nekko ramen
i dont have much else in my mind...

i've finished alot of anime
so these are funny and have some romance sences

shinryaku!! ika musume
shinryaku!? ika musume
Baka to test to shoukanjuu
Baka to test to shoukanjuu ni
should be enough for now.
oh and for romance
kimi ni todoke

Guilty Crown
Ao no exorcist
Hidan no aria
Angels Beats!
Ano Hana
clannad/clannad after story
and higashi no eden to name a few

if you're in MAL please feel free to look for me there and add me ^_^

i need more anime in my list, please name all the best anime you can think of. anything will work


If not, then refer to the Search Bar to the right of the window under "Friends in Chat" :o I am sure you will find a number of things to choose from!

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