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GUILTY CROWN (Thread) - Page 6

and Ayase’s points is rising like a fucking rocket after episode 5 xDDD

Omg. Ayase air time FTW. I can die happy now. I'd rather see her get with Shu than Inori. Inori is such a tool. :/

true, inori doesnt seem to have much of an own mind.. my favourite of the girls so far would prolly be the mechanic witht he black bodysuit, anfd of the male characters the one who was imprisoned and freed last episode (episdoe 4, that guy whose void was a gravity-gun); ironically, forgot both their names..

yea, I'm secretly hoping Inori get it on with Gai, Shu can be a miserable bastard for a while but eventually end up with Ayase <3
not gonna happen, i know :P

yeah, its sadly not gonna happen.. we can just hope inori gets some better chaarcter development eventually. her toolness seems to come mostly from not knowing what to do or how to properly act, so im guessign at soem kidn fo traumatic thign happenign in her childhood. soemthign like she was raped by soemoen she trusted or somethign liek that.

I'm putting my bet on something along the line of "she's not really ~human~ , she was ~created~ "

okay, both seem reasonable, though beeign "created" doesnt necessarily create one to have sociality problems liek she has--remember she tells shu she doesnt look people in the eyes either.

dunno tbh, but we soon shall see.
for now she just a massive tool

a tool with a BLOODY GOOD singing voice tho. It's her only saving grace :P

yep. well, and the fact she can be used to extract an extremely oerpowered, good-lookign sword. though that just makes her more of a tool.. wodner if theres a reason why this thign seems so much stronger/more useful than the toehr Void's though. (i cant even imagine what teh Fridge shu extracted in that gag-scene in ep3 would be good for..)

A refrigerator (commonly referred to as a fridge) is a common household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical, electronic, or chemical) which transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room. Cooling is a popular food storage technique in developed countries and works by decreasing the reproduction rate of bacteria. The device is thus used to reduce the rate of spoilage of foodstuffs.

never underestimate the fridge. It just may save your life one day.

xDD but wodultn it be totally overpowered compared to a normal fridge? all the void's so far have been ttoally oevrpowered after all.. it would take ages (or a void-microwave) to get the food edible after gettign it out of i agai as a chunk of ice..

You could summon it from a high place and drop it on someone~

I'm still waiting on this transmitter thing to cause a giant fuss. It's only a matter of time until someone discovers it.

it is the last thing you see in the ED, so i guess the whole dorama gonna revolve around it :3

Well, Ayase did find it but apparently had no idea what it was. I thought the peeps at FP were pretty technology savvy so I was kinda surprised she didn't realize what she had. Although while she was giving it back to Shu that murderer guy they busted out came up and said Ayase wasn't that smart. Did he realize it was a transmitter?

I think he was talking about the whole situation (the all cozy clapping friendly comrades atmosphere) rather than about the transmitter

I'm still waiting for an OST. :(

wll, the transmitter DOEs look like soem kidn of high-tech ballpen, so maybe she really just mistook ti for that?

they said the song that Inori sing in the 1st episode is out in 30th Nov i think

I'd rather have dem insert songs. :o

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