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GUILTY CROWN (Thread) - Page 7

well, the full soundtrack with insert songs and stuff usually isnt around until the anime ends, or at least reaches the halfway-mark (episode 12) or so.

I get the feeling the first insert song will be in supercells single for the OP, it has 8 tracks (5 of which are TV rips or instrumentals) so it's possible that it could be one of them.
The OST is due in January btw

Yes Euterpe was included in the ED single.

Hang on... looks at the Departures single tracklist
"4. Departures 〜あなたにおくるアイの歌〜 -BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Remix-"

January will be a GLORIOUS month

@HutchHutchenson though, due to fate/extraccc and the HUke-Artbook, bioth with special figma's, i wotn have much spare money in january^^

Arugo Tsukishima, the melee guy with the knives and swords is one of my favorite characters :3 who doesnt like meele weapons :D :P and i see that i relate to shu all the way..

So is anyone else kinda annoyed at the fact that this weeks episode took all the character development from last weeks episode and shot it in the face? Complete disregard. :(

Yeah I completely agree @Hutch Hutchenson.

Also, I really want to know what's up with Inori. She seems more than what she appears to be.

stop dising the show...i finally saw episode 6.. <333333333

I thought knife guys Void would be an awesome thunder knife... damn.

I'm having fun trying to figure out peoples voids before Shu gets them.
I think Guis will be a giant pair of shielding angel wings, like Alexander from ff9

@Xyopq i didnt yet memorize every name. who are the tw your talkign about again?

also, anyone else suspecting the "transmitter" to be actually a bomb?
hm i'd doubt a pair of wings. so far, every void has been an object, and voids taht are body parts.. well.. hwo shoudl you attach them anyways?

Shu - main Character
Gai - Blonde guy that's dying and will probably act like a dick at the end followed by sacrificing himself.

.. obviously i know those.. but who where the guys you have been mentioning, "knife guy" and "guis"?
btw i susupect the kind of development where gai was one of the scientists originally responsible for the virus. i think i spotted him in one of the flashbacks. guess that virus was developed a s abiological weapon or somehting, and now he feels responsible. just a theory tho

knife guy - the person with the knifes that was training shu
guis - Gui's

Gai's guide to talking to women

Step1: Tell her she reminds you of your pet armadillo

Step2: Force her outside

Step3: Tell her to close her eyes

Step4: ???

Step5: Wake up in her private chambers

FOR CRYING OUT LOAD >.> use spoilers next time...anyway <3 just saw episode 7 and im gonna find a shu gravatar now

i have been sooooo busy!!!! im just now watching episode 3 god damn it!!!!!

episode 3....where have you been!!! >.>

@Hutchenson I agree completely--I was actually looking forward to see how they would develop Shu's character throughout the series. Instead, they completely ditched the idea and started to focus on having Inori display more humane kind of emotions, etc. This is so confusing.

well im at episode 7 now... after about 2 and a half hours of watching in one sitting! it just gets better and better though. when the ost comes out, im going to jump for joy!!!

why is everyone saying the OST departures comes out in january? here, on the website, it says in three days!!!! . I don't understand.

The op single is out already. If that helps you feel better.

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