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GUILTY CROWN (Thread) - Page 8

Inori's kind of b*tchy.

It's alla bout dat ayase.

well i know the opening is. i already have it on my ipod.

wish i could find exact music sheet for piano

egoist euterpe not from the anime but off the ost. was put on youtube only 3 hours ago. for those who said the ost came out jan. you were wrong.

boom boom satellites here

anata ni okuru ai no uta (ending) full here

+5 respect

@ssaika I <3 you! Thank you.

man...this episode........

awsome remix by boom boom satellites

Is it normal to want to stab a main character this much....

Yes, absobloodylutely~!

Oh, i just love this show, Sorry!

@Settsuo-kun killing him would be like killing me...ive noticed that this is the first anime ive ever seen we're the main character has the exact personality to me..

:3 kill us both

Not redeeming qualities @Wolfangle. Ehh alright then. I'll bring the blades, you and Shu just be ready :D < this smile is fake, oh so fake...

do as you pelase you two, i will proceed to pleasure myself with this tsugumi then~

well, im a mix of shu and argo

has anyone notice the similarity of shu's void power and Rikou Nura's Fear? taking someone's fear/void and using them as a weapon or so?

Can't wait for the next episode. This is getting really interesting ^.^

@Hysteria_mode well not exactly; shu transforms the "heart"/"soul" of aperson into a weapon; nura's "fear" is actually to control illusions and become invisible and stuff. im taking it you mena his "equip"/"matoi" technique, which he has because hes partly human. and yes, hes equipping himself with another youkai's "fear", but thats a power the youkai itself could normally also use, also their bodies temporarily disappear but they stay conscious,the complete opposite of what happens en shu draws voids.

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