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GUILTY CROWN (Thread) - Page 2

@IagineBreaker ah, so thats what its gonna e abotu. itneresting.
@Hutch well, i dotn see much resemböance to CG either; rather, the other Noitaina anie this season, UN-GO has ore of a resemblance with it, with that whole inga thingy.

I've only watched the first 11:50 of episode one and the question I have is Why does he have such a sweet computer set-up in the middle of an abandoned warehouse? Is he Japanese Batman (with the least hidden batcave ever)

anyone got any idea for OST relase date?

yesh, OST release date, looking forward to it <3

@Xyopq yea i was wondering that'd think he'd to back home to use his computer or use a laptop during his lunch break...but yea, why an abandoned warehouse.
i also cant wait for the ost's

Of all the places for the girl to go, it had to be the batcave.

and it was odd how she kept dripping blood since the night she got hit with that missle and fell into the river...lets see, blood loss, washed off blood, or even just stop dripping blood every single place you go.

I KNOW!! In order to conceal myself, I will leave a trail of blood here and sit (half) naked in the middle of an open warehouse singing loudly!

im surprised that he didnt get a nosebleed...guess its not that type of anime

psychic power in his right hand

His hand has a mind of it's own?

@Wolfangle give the girl a break, she's on her period.
joking aside, have anything in any anime ever been realistic :P I think it best to just ignore and enjoy it xP

@break that's just a hunch, though the name certainly suggests that.

hm, true..
@Wolfangle wel.. they certainly didnt think taht one through, hm?
@Jin_sama nah, there certainly are some anie with stories without too much supernatural or uncanny things liek this.. denpa teki no kanojo is a good example i think, or the mroe calm slice of life ones, liek currently kii to boku
@ImagineBreaker well, at least it seems likely.. but then again, it wouldnt be about the actual maincharas...

@break you mean Kimi to Boku?
Well it IS considered a spin off. They don't always have the same cast.

yes i do; thr "M" button here at the keyboard at work is bad.

well, i was just joking with the nosebleed thing =.= why is it taking so long for episode 2

@Wolfangle because we've still got a good 18 hours till it airs?
It aired on Friday at 1:15 after all

Ssaika, everyone!

@ssaika ....thats for a raw version...i dont speak japaneese

yeah i know but i thought if someone couldn't wait, they could watch it a day earlier and subbed the next day. sorry about that.

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