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GUILTY CROWN (Thread) - Page 3

the countdown site i posted earlie robviously only shwos the real airign time, meaning raw, too. nobody complained at that, hm.
also, people keep sayign redjuice's character designs, btu as far as i know, even though he didi the character design, they aemnt actualy using his art for the anime, for soem weird reason..

it was a great twist at the end :3 then 2 of my questions got answered


i came, when i heard that rearranged version of EGOIST - Euterpe.

that is all.

I don't get the "hand going inside the female" thingy. And she moans. Kinda reminds me of something... Is it just me, or have these things become popular? Like in "dantalian no shoka"

i think he has to touch her....and then it glows...then his hand goes inside her to pull out the weapon..and the ost will always make you wanna watch it

I'm usually not a fan of mecha... but omfg I'm in love ;A;

@Lem and @Wolfangle im pretty sure he didnt REALLY put his hand into her, i think it wa sjust a visual effect.. with all the DNA-like spirals flieng around, it looked more like an artistic way of showing him kinda "absorbing" her DNA, so her very beeing and makign ti into that weapon... that beeign said, the thing @Lem mentioned is not really a new thign either.. its been around in pretty mch every show where the weapons/magic boos/artifacts live and take human form...

@Demios well the mecha are not rreally the main point here..

Best scene ever?

@Kronifer that just gave my life a new meaning.

just curious, why is this thread in the random subforum? shouldn't it be under Anime instead? Is it possible to move it?

@Kronifer true, that. didnt even notice it.. on a sid enote, i dotn quite remember but did the character the scene you posted from, did they call her name in the anime yet? im not sure, and after havng watched the second episode, shes already progressign to becomign my favourite character.. though seriously, id wish they stopped the way too much used "transfer student" trope...

These past 2 eps has been filled with cliche.

Though Tsugumi's ass is enough to keep me watching as long as that makes an appearance every episode.

@Kronifer yep, way too muich clihe. there are currently three things keepng me there: 1. the potential- still nto gonna give up on it, and the production value is fantastulabic.
2. tsugumi's ass. and the potential of the rest of her beeign equally awesome, character-wise, seems to exist. so yeah.
3. the priotag is still in the "find otu who ayou are" phase, also no body with a power strogn enough to even get near him appeared yet.. im interested in how they might try to solve that problem.

Totally worth it, especially the OST.

sweet, the full ver of the OP is out <3

but we still need the full ost of

all of guilty crown's songs are EPIC!!!

i know <3 i need the insert song of Episode 1 when he pull the sword out <3 so epic <3

one of the best anime out there with only 2 episodes +_+ well maybe not the best...but its freaking EPIC!!!

Yeah the song where he pulled the sword was pretty intense.

since mon., the about the only songs i have been listening to are the ending, the opening, and euterpe (song in episode 1) i mean i cant stop listening the songs are like drugs!!!!

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