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GUILTY CROWN (Thread) - Page 4

where's nagi?............T^T

I miss her voice. The OP doesn't do the name Supercell justice

i was very disappointed in the actal opening.. the song from ep1 was a hundred times better..

personal taste mate, I love the OP

........ The ED was good, better than the OP, imo.

But seriously, they need to use that Supercell song in every episode. Because it's SUPERCELL.

It's got really cool art XD; the beginning was very CG-ish, but I think a lot actually start like that. XD; I mean, Mirai nikki was giving me all sorts of DeathNote feelings XD;

seems like its taking forever for the 3rd episode...and its only been a few days

closest thing to the ost..enjoy


=3= ok ok, your edit is better...+_+ I LOVE IT...but it gets boring if you dont watch the im gonna watch episode 2 again today :3

Love supercell for the opening
Just can't get enough

Edited: piano ver.

watch it last expected...FREAKING EPIC!!!!

A lot of people raged about the episodes supposed plot holes.

Guilty Crown: What happens when an anime is too overhyped and can;t live up to people's unreasonable expectations.

@Hutch /look around thread/ Who raged ? '_' stop referencing to your imaginary friends..

Not on this forum. Just other forums.

once I learn the writer is from Geass I knew the story won't be any good, so already low expectation on that department coming into this series. I'm only here for redjuice and ryo, with the backing of a quality studio like Production I.G
Was quite blown away by the budget IG put into the series though.

Geass wasn't just wasn't as monumental as everyone says it is.

poor ssaika, i watched it last night at 1am...IT WAS SOO EPIC

Hutch don't be trollen on this thread
/gansta sign up/

What did you all think of the new episode?

I thought it was.. really really weird. The plot twist at the end was annoying.

I thought the episode was great in the beginning and went down a little
I kinda knew that his friend might be a witnessbut I didn't think he would turn on his friend

But over all series, I hope it still gives a good story
Like in code geass, lelouch is a hero to segregated japan which has sorta the same concept in guilty crown. But towards the end lelouch becomes a dictator and dies with blame I hope this doesn't have the same end

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