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Simple chat client for mobile phones. (Thread)

Coders, what about chat-client for PDA and other Mobile Phones? I can't code, but this is good idea, i think. ^_^
It can be writen on Java, or Qt.
P.s. Sorry for my badass english. :C

It can't be that hard to code chat in java. Although I think this should be done with the new chat since we'll be moved there anywho. /Knows nothing about programming.

@Deftones Thanks for the answer, bro. :3
I can't wait.)

As in, for the colorless chat? It's not really hard, just a bit annoying to do. If you want something to copy of, I can give you the source for my IRC <-> CL Chat gateway. I don't really have any phones to develop on handy, though.

I can ask around, for friends that have Apple dev licenses, or skills with developing for the Android platform. It should not be hard to set up a client on phones, as our new chat is going to be a simple websockets-based one.

Even so, the new chat, on is mobile friendly. I don't see much use for it, at all.


"Mobile friendly" is, well...

... actual native apps can take advantage of the ability to run in the background for a while properly, sending notifications, not accidentally navigating away when clicking on a link &c &.

Also, at least Safari on iPhone cannot into websockets. That makes the new chat impossible to use, doesn't it?

@halcy Chat works on iOS Safari :T

Somebody give me an Apple dev license and I will do it :V (Oh, and a Mac. Since the Apple development kit only runs on a Mac)

And what about auto-update in this chat? I think, mobile phones "can't into it". :)
I can't take Opera Mini for example, it heaven't auto update.
UC Web - same. It have worst scripting system at all.

@Gargron What about Opera Mini 5.1 or Opera Mobile 10?

@Rhokao Haven't tested in Opera. Works on the default browser on Android though (which is like mobile Chrome or something)

"Your browser does not support WebSockets. Sorry! ;w;" - This is sad


Does it? Then it mistakenly (Or on purpose?) displays an error message about websockets. Maybe on newer iOS revisions?

Also, I guess you can get shit to work with non-apple toolchains on LUNIX or something, though that is only for rooted machines.

(Safari, iPhone 4, iOS 4.???)

Oh. I might have added a websockets check a while ago, which doesn't let non-websocket people join (because of oddities that ensued). I might want to either disable it again, or I don't know. Native apps are better because they have advantages. Welp.

(Also sorry that I've given incorrect information at first, I did not visit that chat for a long time)

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