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What? You have a CL related Podcast? Let's hear it. (Thread) - Page 3


Look at me jumping on the bandwagon~

@InsaneBoredGame With the copyright thing you could just make your own music.

Also, Have you cleared the colorless cookies? And the cache.

Oh look, I made a thing. A really shitty one at that.

emm i got a question, well two infact.....
1) is it too late to join?
2) can you do a voice imation of someone?

1) I don't think there was a deadline.
2) You can do anything your little heart desires <3

@usuitakumi thank you XD


Dunno if you could call this as a podcast... it's more like a vlogcast... but meh, can I post away with this?

if pic doesn't show, just go straight to the link, it's public anyway

Delete. Maybe, just maybeI'll redo mine.

Podcast? By ponta? Fuck yeah i'm gonna rabu that shit. < <444444

EDIT::O I was fucking included?! SWEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!~~~~~~ SQUIGGLY

Ponra podcast rabu rabu <3. And all dem voices lulz.

ponta-kun... so manry XD

I was going to post a podcast, but during the outage, I realised that it may have potentially gotten me into some shit with some people if it was translated, so yeah. Even if it's sitting in my hard drive right now, not posting it.

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