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[NSFW] Tonight, Time... [NSFW] (Thread)

Tonight I need to cum in time.

Not like, by a certain time. Inside time. I need to push it down, thrust myself inside it—a hard-on raging with hatred and desire—and purge myself.

I wish I could say this is some twisted genesis, that I'm speaking for Space, or something, wishing to inseminate Time and thus produce the World. But we all know that in that scenario Space would be the feminine figure, providing a context to Time's lonely masturbation and greeting his seed with the procreative power behind the big bang. And in this scenario, is time male or female? Don't know, don't care. The point isn't babies. It's power. It's pain and pleasure.

Long have I been subjected to the throes of time. Tonight, clenched fists and tear-streaked face, I say No more! Tonight I am the master, and time my slave.

I'm not a violent guy.

I've never had a rape fantasy in my life.

Until now.

I raise my voice as a new oblate, praying to what divinities dance in the dark to grant time corporeality, for just one instant, that I might grab it by the wrists ankles hair neck waist, pull it down to the Earth upon which we tiny finite men toil, pin it mass to mass, and enter it a second time.

A second time.

We're all bound in it, from the beginning.

And where does it get off?

Enough. Tonight it's my turn.

(this is fiction)

Put an adult sensor on title so kids don't get skard.
Other then that, I'm not sure how to respond


NSFW = Not Safe For Work

This denotes that this thread is not childsafe, and meets board requirements.

@insada I doubled the NSFW tags. Happy? :)

As for not being sure how to respond: neither am I! hahaha

I'm not sure what I've just read, but I like it.

It's a bit disturbing. Or no... Maybe. It's really good. I like it!


@Deftones: thanks for the vote of confidence :p Maybe someday I'll write something that makes sense.

@Noodle: see above

@Keri: see above :P

I like it. Sure, the subject is a bit taboo, but it's written really well.

Somehow I found that beautiful. Any more?

and that is the second time I have said that about this today.

Add yaoi.

Is it weird that I'm thinking "This shit is sexy." right now?

@Gargron: Aww, thanks man :)

@Shirosuke: Thank you for your kind words. More of what? Of this particular piece, or of writing in general?

@Lumiex: You've said that this piece of writing is fabulous twice? Once here; the other time where? Just curious. Also, thanks!

@wanderlust: Just imagine that time and the speaker are bishounen.

@Momimochi: I have no problem with that.

@Sushi: Knew I could count on ya.

Interesting. For I second I thought you meant yourself until I saw the "(this is fiction)". :P

Nonfiction is always fiction because telling it turns it into a story. Facts-reporting is one thing, but the moment you give it a narrative (or any other kind of progression) it gains an inherent fictionality in my opinion.

And on the flip side of that, fiction can never rid itself of its foundations: the symbolic systems and ideas of humans, which at least to our arrogant minds are very "real."

I will agree with Gargron that it was very well written.

Aww, thanks!!

More of.. This kind of story ? A Sequel or Prequel or something? I like the structure a lot.
I did read some of your other writings before though, great work!

Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try to post more stuff soon!

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