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This is how i draw manga face (Thread)

Is this helpful?


nah, i'm a beginner, and i'll just post my own steps to draw manga face.

  1. First,prepare a pencil, two different size pen(you can use sai pen, drawing pen,or rapidograph. i'm using 0,6 drawing pen and 0,2 rapidograph)and eraser.

2.Now, start with drawing a circle with your pencil. divide the circle with a horizontal line and make a vertical line from the top of the circle to down pass the bottom of the circle. with that line, decide your own "chin spot".

3.put a row from the side of the circle to the "chin spot".
tips:female face shape usually chubby,and male face shape usually oval draw the neck, and decide the "eye spot" tips: the male neck usually bigger and wider from female neck

5.start with the eyes in the decided "eye spot", then nose, and then mouth.the model and expressions is up to you..
tips: female has bigger eyes than boys, and don't forget to draw the eyebrow for female.

6.then draw the ears and the pony. in anime, it's okay to draw the eye visible whenever the pony pass it.

7.Draw the hair as you like. but i suggest you to draw the hair above the circle.(look at the arrow i've draw) bold the outline with thicker pen.

9.then, fill the eye, give it a shade, give it a detail, as what as you like with thinner pen.i used 0,2 rapidograph. This is it, the non expression man i've draw for a sample.. ^^

now draw me some hentai.

nosebleed XD
I'm still 14...

Holy crap you actually go through all that?
<--- draws it straight out with no proprotion crap.

@Momimochi -kun :It is the way i used to draw!^^
you draw your gravatar with no proportion? is that your own drawing? Great! i love it!
then, thanks for answering the polls! ^^

i like this post
practice a bit moar and u can haz manga

@PigBoss : thanks, and i am making a manga right now! i have posted my own manga draft two weeks ago, but now i changed it to be more better. i want to post it right now but, the upload speed SUCKS... =.=
XD now try it yourself!

Yup. I drew that and coloured that three minutes drawing.
That proportion thing only messes me up so I've never really used it...

@sushi : hm, Thanks sushi! ^^

@Momimochi , do you have a deviantart acount where we can give a watch of your drawings??? it would be really interesting. or maybe another page to see your art. :D

Just unknown drawing... :)

i''m 15 and i wanna show u my darwings but this thing wont do it >;/


No. Simply because I draw and almost never actually bother to finish any of my art.

i guess all of use draw like this at one point or another
the only thing i recommend is to change style to make a better
freehand it with little proportions
dont have to have that much of a proses to make a face
I'll make a vid for you later if you want

@Inasda : i'll waiting for the vid.. :)

@GuMix : Why? just upload on and post the link here! :)

You're good.Not saying you have to do this to make a kick-ass looking character,but I'd recommend you should start drawing you hair at the upper right or left side of the head instead of the straight top.Doing it at the top sort of gives your character a egg shaped head.

This is what I mean.

Yellow where I assume you start out drawing the hair.
Green the spot I told you about,it's where you should start out your hair.
Blue sorry excuse for anime hair.
Red just to help show where the circle is and how far you drew the starting point of the hair from it.

Now,if you don't like doing it at the upper right or left you could always lower how high you draw the starting point of the hair.

Just what I wanted to say.

@Kitto -san Thank you for your advice,I'll try better than this...... Once again, thank you.. :)
How about this?

@shafnat You're really good o.o you understand where to shade depending on the lighting,sort of.You also know how you make objects seem smaller using a vanishing point.Your clothing folds are good as well.

You have general art down,if you wanna learn much more about anime/manga style art I'd recommend you watch these videos.Ilearn a lot from this man.Good luck to you.

thank you, @Kitto -san!! ^^
your nice support give me a positive energy for continue and develop my own manga skill^^!

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