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This is how i draw manga face (Thread) - Page 8

Is this helpful?


Hey, comments on my newest drawing please! Clocks in at about 15 hours OTL

I think it kinda sucks esp. the legs, whatd'ya guys think.

@eterno : need comment? OKAY!!! :D
no, it isn't really sucks, its great! but i guess the arms are too far from knee, maybe? i think maybe just shorten the leg.. just it!then ink it out,and then PERFECTO!!!! XD

The legs are up to the 7,5 heads proportion so shortening it would make him a midget. I was asking about the balance of the whole figure.

About the arms, I think it's the anatomy that is wrong. I'll fix it.

another thing you can do is to make his shoulder and body slightly wider

Yup, definitely! I was afraid of making it too wide because I needed to fit the gun in but yeah, you're right, a human body isn't that narrow.

Right, looking better and better now, anything else?

@eterno :from me, just it! You're great drawer,eterno saan! :D

@shafnat I'm not hollow inside you know :p


so is there an update that we can see? or have you completely given up on that sketch already?

I haven't given up on it yet. It's just that, I'm in a cramped hostel atm that I can't really take a clear picture.
Maybe on Sunday I'll have the update because I'll have moved to a nicer place.

this is my drawing 1 month ago, i forgot to upload it.

A helpful advice, use the heads measurement to not make anyone look like a midget.

If you have a how-to draw manga books, most of them would suggest 5 heads for a small child, 6 for teenagers, 7 for late teenagers, and 8 for adults.

This is a LIE! And, women aren't 1 heads shorter (they're perfectly at the proportional 7.5 heads, only their heads are smaller hence they are shorter)

Also, in regards of heads measurement and age, a 14 year old would've reached the full 7.5 heads proportion (or at least at 7 heads) and as such anything shorter would make them less of that age OR, a midget.

So, your drawing, while full of details, fell apart due to a disproportionate body.

Lastly, PROPORTION =/= HEIGHT, took me a while to realize that.

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