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Science.... or Horrifying Black Magic (Thread)

Alright so most of you have probably seen the video already but for those of you who have not, be afraid! Well not really it's not anything new but it's still pretty amazing to look at!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this...?

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw that was:

Ah. I thought of like Doctor Who..

Magnets -- how do they work?

The first thing i thought was darth vader holding it there, then a ufo, and finally i thought of the jetsons.

hm.. science, obviously. though i can't really explain it but it's density(maybe). almost all people know what density is.

The first thing I thought of...was: DR SLUMP!!

Seriously, I thought that was amazing. However, even in this day and age, when I see something like that, I wouldn't ignore the possibility that it is dark magic.

First thing I thought of was " Looks like my theory about Humans traveling through time in UFOs is being proven."

Cool stuff though (hehehe), I wonder if we'll actually take advantage of this.

Hoverboard. Make one.

Now I have seen this, I am CONVINCED that they'll be able to make those cool levitating monorail trains I've seen somewhere in sci-fi. This is the coolest ever! :D

It's called the Meissner Effect. A superconductor does not allow a magnetic field to pass through it, so in effect, it "pushes" the field that would ordinarily pass through it out of itself, and is thus (Think about it: The field tries to stay in place, the superconductor pushes it away in all directions) it stays perfectly in place.

I have no idea what causes it, though, I only know that it is different from normal electromagnetic induction.

p.s. jesus christ do people have to add "QUANTUM!!!" to ALL THE THINGS? It's amazing enough without that~


What, maglev trains? We have those already. They typically don't use superconductors, though - cooling shit down enough is expensive, even with high-temperature superconductors.

I've travelled with the Shanghai Transrapid once. Damn amazing train, that train.

First time I've seen it done like this, I like the fact that I could put it in any position i want and it will hold it.

@halcy - A far as transportation...another option is super-fluid helium instead of liquid nitrogen but it also requires cooling not to mention a closed off tube for the train to pass through. Cmon scientists... figure this junk out.

I want this for my birthday.

In the future card games will be played on flying discs!!!~

What next? A microwave that can send messages to the past? Oh wait.....

Seriously, I thought that was amazing. However, even in this day and age, when I see something like that, I wouldn't ignore the possibility that it is dark magic.

@halcy fair point! (I've just shown my uneducated-ness XD) but can maglev trains go off the track/is there a danger of crashing? With this thing, it looks like no matter what angle it's at, it will stay on whatever track it's placed onto, which seems a bit safer! :)

@Kubinashi-Rider @halcy I think it depends on the force. If the velocity force of the little magnet (or of the train) will exceed that of the magnetic field, it will break free from it. I hope I didn't say anything wrong ;;

Edit: My point is also proven by this: the man in the video can change the position of the disc in the video by applying some force.

Inertia. The tracks go left but you don't(not without a little push). We still don't know how to get rid of that so we nullify the effects using different methods. There are basically two ways to stay on tracks - don't make the tracks turn hard(thats how they do it with shinkansen) or lean the tracks inside(that's how they do it in nascar). In everyday traffic situations you can see both solutions being used together very often(highways, train rails, etc). So basically, as long as your track design is good, it's no problem.

Lol and here I thought this post would die in a corner somewhere. It's pretty cool even if it hasn't been applied to society yet. I just hope I live to see the day where this is used on a large scale haha.

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