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Chinese Toddler Run Over and Ignored (Thread)

Video footage of the incident involving 2-year-old Wang Yue – known by her pet family name Yueyue – caused outrage in China and around the world on Tuesday, prompting questions about whether China's economic miracle had left a moral vacuum in its wake.
The girl, who was eventually scooped up and rescued by the nineteenth passer-by remains in a critical condition in the intensive care unit of Guangzhou military hospital in China's industrial heartland of Guangdong.
The hospital's head of neurosurgery, quoted by the local Guangzhou Daily newspaper, said that Yueyue had suffered massive head injuries and was in a coma, only able to breathe with the aid of a ventilator.
Wang Weiming, head of the neurosurgery department at the general hospital of Guangzhou military region, said Yueyue had shown no improvement and was very unlikely to recover her mental faculties.
"The patient largely fits the criteria of brain death," he added, "but her limbs are relatively sensible to a pain reflex, so she cannot be determined as brain-dead."

Video footage, if you will (censored):

I'm actually surprised no one made a thread on this already.
And this thing made me sick to my bones. Hell, right now, I'm even slightly ashamed of my nationality. No one called the police or medics, not one educated person did anything upon seeing a child lying in the middle of the freaking road, with blood, struggling, until an uneducated Grandmother came along and dragged her to the side.


Humans suck. Also, some Chinese commentors have made references to the "Nanjing judge", which probably lead to the result since no one wanted to risk going through any legal BS.

Why is it all the bad parenting news is coming out of China recently, like a few months ago I heard about these Chinese parent selling their kids to support their gaming habit.

In all seriousness, this is quite disturbing, I dont even have words for this kind of disregard for life, i can't really even fully comprehend it. I really hope that this kind of thing is just a few horrible people and not a larger trend or something.

... If over a dozen, almost two dozen, people in China just decided to walk by without giving two shits and one out of the twenty people actually attempted to do something about it, it's only 5% of the 1,346,930,000 people.
Uhh... China's not the most developed country in the world even now so...

That's only if you really go and physically touch the person (like the old Grandmother). I don't see why someone can't just whip out a cellphone and call the ambulance.

This may sound bad,
but even though it's Crule
•population control of china
•And one less competition for world jobs
(can't tell if boy or girl)
•if boy, then there are to many men in china dominating at estimated 2/3men 1/3woman (have to check)
•if girl, they believe in male superiority so they don't care fore girls much
China is messed up

That's just horrible,this reminds me of this one time some man tried to save a woman from being mugged and he was stabbed and no one helped him until the next day.I can't stand people that just walk by without even calling for help.

There was already a post of this earlier but I found the some people posted some distasteful video in response to it. It terrible to see that, I get the legal stuff you can get in for helping but really just ignore her and let another truck hit her? Then the comment from the truck driver to say "It costs less to me if she's dead then alive."is just terrible. It just saddens me to see so many not care about a child, like it was a pet that got hit by a car or something. This isn't bad parenting, its bad society structure. When someone is afraid to help due to legal battles then you know the justice system is failing the people.

My best friend is Chinese and she was going on about something like this happening before; 'bystanders syndrome'. I hope to god she doesn't see this because she'll get really upset.

Something like this happened to me when I was 14, I was walking to the train station when I heard an old Chinese man getting mugged. I yelled at the guy cos usually they'll just run off if they're caught, but instead he started hitting him. It was really quiet out but I tried to get someone's attention to help me and about three or four people walked past me, totally ignoring me... I thought I was going to end up risk getting killed to help the guy. Luckily a local man heard and came out of his shop, so he got him off him and we took care of the old man. He was really, really frightened, started crying and everything... his daughter even started to cry when she came, they were unbelievably grateful that I stopped when no one else would, and that someone else eventually listened to me and helped him too. In a way it was sad that they had to be so grateful, like it was a miracle.

Everyone should want to help someone if they see something like that happening.

Colorless has just gotten emo lately this will make you all feel better ^_^

^ Why I still practice martial arts after all these years.

Holy shit. Any EDUCATED person would leave the child to die. Anyone with a heart would have stomped the poor kid's head in. (As toddlers have softer...more cartilaginous craniums than adults :3)

Jesus, the child did sustain head injuries. But they omitted everything else that I guarantee occurred. (CHINESE CENSORSHIP TECHNIQUE!)

A crushing wound to the naval/solar plexus will cause:
- Massive hemorrhagic shock due to internal and external bleeding.
- Asploded non-elastic organs such as both her kidneys and her liver. (An asploded liver=bleed out and die very very quickly. Even if you didn't lose any blood externally, said blood would leave your circulatory system and you would die of internal bleeding/cerebral hypoxia.)
- Crushed pelvic girdle= never walk again!
- Compromised/breached large intestine lining= infection, sepsis, toxic shock syndrome. (This is unlikely from getting run over by a truck. Getting blown up, yes. Getting peppered by shrapnel, yes.)
- Almost immediately, the crushed tissue (even more so if an extremity is crushed) will begin to die and putrefy due to the following:
Crushed tissue=damaged capillaries and veins=can't get de-oxygenated blood out of the wound area=the pooling and clotting of stagnant blood prevents oxygenated blood from reaching/delivering the much needed oxygen to the damaged tissue=putrefaction, necrosis, cell death. So yeah, the kid is fucked even on the cellular level.
Note: I would have ended the poor girl's life immediately
(Upon reviewing the video, it seems the victim's ribcage was also crushed underneath black rubber tires)
-Bones of the ribcage will splinter and drive into the lung and quite possibly the heart. The punctured lung will cause tension pneumothorax (fatal if left untreated)
-Heart and lungs can take a beating to a certain extent. If heart is hit hard enough, it will lose synchronization with your body's natural pace maker, or just stop (cardiac arrest.) Cardiac arrest caused by a traumatic blow (I.e. shockwave, explosion, or getting hit by a truck) has a very very low resuscitation rate compared to cardiac arrested caused by hazardously low blood pressure (hypotension following hemorrhagic shock) nervous overload (tachycardia caused by electric shock) or fucking drowning .__.
-Damaged diaphragm=painful/inability to breathe (Poor thing is on LIFE support and hooked into what I think would be a negative pressure respirator in this scenario)

Um...that's all I can produce off the top of my head. If anyone has anything else, feel free to post.

Also, note that the only published medical details/patient status were one given by a brain doc. Zero comments from the on-scene paramedic, trauma management medic or surgeon.

I'm guessing the kid was pronounced dead on arrival (which by REAL LIFE MEDICAL DEFINITION=cessation of the heart) was resuscitated just to see if it were possible to get the heart functioning again, given a blood transfusion, her arteries clamped shut, all internal hemorrhages cauterized, and due to the fact that heart functions had ceased for such a long time the patient suffered irreversible brain damage from cerebral hypoxia. But hey, they still saved her body. Military medicine is great yo.

Even so Guardian3, just reporting a child's body lying there is the least anyone can do.

The hit-and-run person is most at fault though. I am sure s/he felt something before whizzing off to make whatever it was on time. I hope the guilt eats them up alive. -edit- then again, someone above mentioned something about she costs less if she were dead? damn.

Everyone has a cellphone these days, please put it to better use than just tweets and facebook updates. Not to save her life, but at least to report an incident, and having her parents know instead of going on a missing person's search.

What were they doing anyways letting her wander in a street full of cars and motorcycles? kids are slippery especially at that age.

Actually I don't think 10 minutes would have saved the girl's life, heartbreaking really. The way she was dragged and carried probably did some harm too. I wish her peace.

I was gonna try and troll this but even I have a heart. That was just fucking cruel. :C

this is just sad. nothing like this should ever happen.

The kid was still alive, and she was in intense medical care after arriving in the hospital. The doctors said she was in a deep coma and even if she does wake up, she would be in a vegatative state for the rest of her life. She just got pronounced dead yesterday, apparently. Either her family decided to pull the plug, or she really did die...

Pfft. I lied. Apparently her heart stopped sometime yesterday and now they rescued her back alive...

@mll That's why I have a pocket knife, that's easily accessible.

What sucks is that my family are from Guangdong. Seeing that really breaks my heart, and that the driver who ran her over stopped, and then carried on as if nothing happened. It's disgusting that so many people just walked past her without even helping her, i hope she rests in peace and the family have my regards.

If I hadn't lost hope in humanity I would now.
When I was a kid something like this definitely wouldn't have happened.
First off our parents would have never let us in such a traffic busy area. But as
@Shirosuke said kids are very hard to keep an eye on.

I lived and still live in a small area where everyone knows each other, or atleast they did, when a kid got mugged or ran over there was always someone to help, call for help or hell drive the kid to hospital if it was serious. Now my small friendly area turned into a ghetto, or worse, in the ghetto there are gangs where a group of individuals look out for each other, here everyone wants to watch the rest burn, there's a mugging? Let's look from a distance and take pictures, same goes with violent fights. A dad wants to throw his mentally challenged daughter out the window, better move my car don't want blood all over it.

It was a pretty good place growing up, but now it's a burning pit of drugs and alcohol and violence. But worse, indifference.

What I saw here in this video is the near future of where I live. Truly sad and disgusting.

There are no good Samaritan laws in China, so there's no guarantee you won't get in trouble. In the NY Times they had an article on this, they told the story of a man in China who helped a lady who had fallen down. The lady then accused the man of pushing her down, and was found guilty in court. The fear of getting involved negatively can persuade someone to over look their morals.

Being afraid of some senseless law is no excuse for this. It's just another example of how something somewhere went terribly wrong with this civilized society of ours.

Despite the potential trouble and some criticism that she was seeking fame, Chen appeared unfazed.
"I didn't think of anything at the time," she told local reporters. "I just wanted to save the girl."

Really critics..really?

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