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Chinese Toddler Run Over and Ignored (Thread) - Page 2

@TokoyamiSenshi You make it sound like you don't know what the good Samaritan laws are, and it is an excuse. If there was a decent chance I'll go to prison for helping a stranger that was run over, I won't help them. It's not as if I don't feel for them, but I feel for myself more. That's why I brought this up is it really the morality of the people, or the fear of punishment?

@Kuru: It's the people who made that law, not some higher force from above. Don't make it sound like nothing can be done about it. It's the people, and yes, it's about morality.

That aside, you can't be sued for calling an ambulance, at least not in my country.

@TokoyamiSenshi Never said nothing can be done about it, that's just the situation. I'm not sure how you can speak for the morality of the people present, since you're not them. You could be sued for calling an ambulance if the situation and family turn that way. Not that I'm for it, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility.

I was utterly disgusted at what I saw. May she rest in peace. I just can't believe she got ran over once, and then a second time. No one helped her that whole time...

Being educated or not has nothing to do with whether or not one helps the child. Unless you've been living an uber-sheltered life, you know what blood means and what someone looks like when they're hurt. It's unreasonable to claim that the passersby are even more at fault because they are presumably educated.

Just had to get that out there. This isn't a question of intelligence.

This could have happened anywhere, it's not special because it happened to be in China. Where there are lots of people, there's more of an "every man for himself" mentality, or general apathy towards other people. Given this, even though one of the passersby undoubtedly saw the little girl, they may not have actually registered that she was a hurt little girl. She was ignored, but not consciously. Not because the people didn't want to help. Because the people were truly ignoring her.
It could have also been that they thought she was already dead. Notice that the woman who takes her out of the street just props her up against some garbage bags. She doesn't show particular concern for the girl's well-being, she most likely just moves her body. Thus, she saw the girl's body as being in the way, and likely thought she was already dead. Passersby likely thought the same thing. No sense in making a fuss over a child who's past help.
Okay, why didn't they make a crowd, then? Why didn't somebody report that her body was lying there? Why wasn't there a hit-and-run reported?
Well, it comes back to apathy. Somebody else will take care of it. is what many people think. I shouldn't have to be bothered to go through the whole schpiel about this girl. Somebody else will do it, I'm sure. Of course, this can be related to the rationalization that there is no need to help because help has already been given. Somebody already called the officials. Somebody already checked to see if the girl was alive. Somebody already reported the hit-and-run.
And, might I add, that in China( as far as I know from conversations with people who live/have lived in China) traffic is more...chaotic, shall we say? It's not unusual for cars to swerve into pedestrian areas. If you aren't careful, you'll suffer.
God, that sounds awful. Saying that a little girl wasn't careful, so this is what she gets, that's what it sounds like, doesn't it? I guess that is essentially what I'm driving at. But, damn, that's cold.

It does make me sad to read about this. As much as I rationalized the situation, I'm freaking pissed that she died. That freaking driver! He couldn't, I dunno, STOP and make sure that wasn't just a cat he'd run over? If she was conscious (doubt it) that little girl must have been terrified! I hope she passed out quickly and didn't have to suffer for too long. And I hope that the truck of the creep who ran her over blows up... with him still inside! (Then he'll have a slim chance of surviving, just like she did.)

How fking sad is this world? seriously.... humanity sinks lower and lower.. rest in peace little girl! As far as I remember she fought for her life for a week or so

///WTF Humans are horrible letting there own die in front of them not even caring about the family and think about it you only get one child in china i say they should all sufferer with no help point taken Humans disgust me///

Hearing this makes me so sad. I cannot believe that the truck hit the child in the first place and then continued on.

....i cant even watch more then 5 seconds.

this is why i hate the human race, people don't even stop to help a child, heartless basterds.

That was horrible. I just don't understand how they could leave her in the street like that, even if they believe in male superiority, population control, or some other BS like that. That was heartless even for them. I actually cried when I saw that, and it takes a lot to make me cry these days. That poor child didn't deserve that.

so sad people are rude these days

Maybe that granny is a dollars member

I agree with @someone , Humans do suck .. Which is why I gave up on humanity itself a long time ago ..

@Olek's rationalization is right too .. Lately , more and more people are becoming indifferent and that also includes me .. I think we learned this in social psychology class , the thinking "it doesn't concern me, best to ignore it" and "someone else will help" is widely common in a society .. Sad to say, its spreading ..

Its sad to think that a little girl's life had to go because of our cruel nature .. I think when we're afraid to act because of what might happen afterwards, it destroys our humanity ..
Like the saying,
All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

I agree with TokoyamiSens! This society needs some strict laws!

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