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Dream jumping (Thread)

When I have a dream, there is a moment where I stop at the climax of the dream and wake up from it.
But, I can jump back into my dream where I left off and continue it without much variation other then there is no real consequence if I make a bad choice and can choose to start over again, all in the time of a 3day dream taking place in 10min of real life.

I wonder if you guys can jump back into your dreams.
If so, did you change your dreams at will?
Bending your world of reality and creating new ideas in the process?

Hey, how you do that?

..... I watched a whole re run of this Cantonese drama once. In my dreams. In a span of a week. That was the best chain of dreams I have ever had in my whole life.

You could be Lucid dreaming.
Look up wake-initiated lucid dream.

Sometimes I catch myself dreaming while being awake, just when I've woken up but is not really concious. The dreams just kinda countiue even though my eyes are open.

But only once have I controlled my dreams, I was out driving a car even though I don't have a licence but then I remembered that I would not to something like that and so figured out that it was a dream.

I dont dream very often unless there is something very serious on my mind, where as when i have dream its usually when i wake up and go back to sleep, and its usually very random.

Hm, I've resumed dreams that have left off or ended before. It's usually interesting or fun.

I always do this, I just trick my brain into thinking I didn't wake up and fall asleep.

That's kinda how I do it @Kuru
But do you understand how you trick yourself that your asleep?

Never been able to do this, despite my best efforts.

Awesome dreams are usually followed by nightmares.

Have a good point
But my nightmares are fun

I can sometimes return to my dream but only by force. It doesn't happen naturally.

Although often I wake up with a jolt. I dreamt I was tripping and falling but I woke up just before I hit the floor. I was half awake though. Its weird waking up with your heart pumping.

That is completely normal. It's like when you're dreaming about going to the freaking washroom and taking a piss, it means you better start to wake the fuck up or you're going to fucking piss on your bed.

@Momimochi That....that happened to me a lot. I pissed my bed every time ;_; Took a while until I stopped :/

Tis be something to mention on the internet. Anyways I dream jumped often... Dream jumped into frikkun nightmares. This happened often and very rarely does happen anymore.

happened once when i dreamt i was doing parkour.


Dream I had recently
Combo of:code geass, persona 3, and toady majutsu no index

I kept dying but became a hero. I always reset and no matter what I do I die in my imaginary/fanticies girlfriends arms while my right arm is detached on the ground, bleeding on her cloths and missing a chunk of my leg. I was so happy but it felt incredibly horrible to feel pain.

I wake up, and jump back into my dream all night.
Any experiance on dream jumping this week?

I have lucid dreams where I'll go back to a dream I had before, but I'll start at the beginning again, and I'll know it's a dream from the start, and decide to do things differently, like a sort of time travel.

I don't think this falls under Philosophy.

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