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That's... unfair. I wanted to do that but I can't D:Oh well. You're lucky :D
Well, sometimes I can 'reset,' mostly happens when I am in a chase dream or battle dream, but it takes time. I go like "this is a friggin' game, press pause, PRESS PAUSE!" ._.

Oh look, another dream thread. If you've seen the other dream thread, you'll know I love dreaming~
I can always control my dreams and get out of a dream whenever I want. Can also lucid dream, but It's a bit tricky for me to do that ( I know how to do it, it's just hard).
I'm always looking for new tricks on dreaming, and I'm always willing to give advice~

How to get out of a dream.
Having a nightmare and need to abscond the hell out of there? Close your eyes REALLY TIGHTLY then open them. When you open them you should wake up. Works every time for me. What you'll need: a vague sense that you're dreaming.

How to lucid dream.
Not really something I excel in, but I've done it a few times and know how. When you wake up (like, in the middle of the night or whatever) don't move. Like AT ALL. If you move it won't work. Just fall back asleep as quickly as possible. It takes some practice, so don't be hatin' if it doesn't work the first time. There are various ways to go back to a dream you've had a few nights ago, but I've never tried them out, so I can't say if they're legit or not.

How to control your dream
This is my favorite part of dreaming. First of all, you need to know that you're dreaming. You won't get anywhere without that. Once you know that you're dreaming just be all like "bitch, this is MY dream. I'M the boss around here!" and start to make changes in your dream. Don't make huge changes. I repeat: DON't make huge changes. If you try to do this you'll be concentrating too hard, start to wake up , and the dream will fall apart. Say there's a wall in your way that you want to get rid of, so you try to imagine it away, but nothing happens to it. Don't try harder, just stop and accept that it's not going anywhere. Only change what's necessary and maybe give yourself super powers or whatever.


for lucid dreaming, your kind of right. The way I jump back into a dream is to just remember the details. Then I sometimes get to choose what time Ijump back in like where I last left off, in the beginning, or at a cool part and then manipulate it.

When you wake up on the weekend just try to remember the last thing you were in in detail. And while thinking of the details and close your eyes.

Also, I don't think you have to freeze

I remember havig lucid dreams a couple of times. I remember one of them was a nightmare, so I was like 'Fuck this shit!', looked away from my hands, made a gun shape, looked back, and then I started blasting away at the bitches chasing me.

I dreamed jumped once but the problem was that I jumped into a completely different dream. I started out dreaming that I was living with Anri and going to help the Dollars, woke up because of my dog's barking, then went on to dream that I was in the show Aquarion and was about to knock myself with a soccer ball. Completely different....

i carry out the dream even when i am awake. i just keep imagining what is going on and keep on imagining when i go back to bed. this way my brain usually continues while i sleep. kind of like going to auto pilot.

@Taltal19 imma try lucid dreaming... mmm
the problem is that i dont dream that often. should i take sleeping pills to combat insomnia?>

That prevents from dreaming some times

@PigBoss I've never taken sleeping pills...but I'd have to say: Don't do drugs, kids!
But no really, I have no idea what sleeping pills would do. I wouldn't take them unless you have a problem getting to actual sleep.

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