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Any Ocarina Players? (Thread)

I was expecting there to already be an ocarina thread. Guess not, WHOO, I finally get to post!

Anyway, anyone here play or interested in playing ocarinas? I have an Alto C twelve hole from Songbird.

I have the tiniest ocarina I could buy. It's light blue and only has four holes on top.
I'm not very good at is since I lost my song book years ago, but it's fun C:

@TalTal19 That's cool. I think I know which one you're talking about. It's soprano, right? I only have my 12 hole, so I don't know much about the finger combinations for four and six hole ocarinas. All I can tell you is keep practicing with other tabs or sheet music you can find. Ocarina is actually a pretty easy instrument to learn and play.

I have an ocarina on my iPod.

It works pretty well, you should try it too.

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