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Gaddafi has been killed. (Thread)

By rebels apparently, in his home.
Hopefully Libya can begin to improve now he's gone. What are your thoughts on the matter?

I think that all the guys who've been firing guns for months will feel very bored without war now. That might or might not lead to something bad.

There is also no law that Libya will become a liberal and democratic country now, the EU can send as many experts there as they want. It might just as well continue being as it was, just with different people at the top.

Ding dong the witch is dead. Will this change much? Hard to say, seeing how Egypt's situation merely changed from one military junta to another. Whatever happens, it'll certainly take time before we see the true outcome of it all, and we'll probably won't know beforehand until then.

Well, he killed others without hesitation and I hope his last emotion was regret and or fear. Other than that, I don't care and I don't know what will happen next.

@Noodle Then why even post it? xD If they want to thank God for it then it's their business.

true. i'll delete it

About damn time.

Yeah. I'm just glad that the rebels got to him first so can actually take credit for this and celebrate his downfall at least for a little while.

I guess I'm glad but I hate death and war :/ sadly it's a part of the world.. but I am a bit frightened by all the rebels running around with their guns. Hopefully we ( and by that I mean me and other Americans) don't piss them off somehow or get involved in some conflict with them. Gahh!

There are plenty of Americans running around with guns too remember. xD

Now kids, do not forget:
Killing is bad.

And don't do drugs.

@someone173 - That apple parody would be even better if instead of .de it was .ly in the URL.

The TLD for Libya.

@Ookami-chan ouldnt it be way worse if they, who ar eweaker in mlitary terms than you guys, would get into a conflict with america? im not sure, but does libya have any oil?

@break either one wouldn't be too good. and yes, they have quite a bit of oil

@Break Iraq was never about Oil; you can say it over and over again, but Iraq isn't even in the top five contributors for the U.S.'s oil. Yes, they probably have oil though. Everyone has oil pretty much.

Poor guy, he didn't even get a chance to say his last words...

Regardless of what he had done, he was a POW by the time of his capture. They should have put him through trials and all that before executing him.

OK, maybe he deserved it but he didn't have a chance. Once the protests broke out, his fate was pretty much sealed and he knew it. That's why this lost soul decided to massacre those people.

Again, killing is bad. Let's hope that whoever killed him got all the honors and recognitions he could get. That way, he'll think twice before killing another lost soul.

And the start of a power meant for the good of the people. I'll give it about 5-7 years before mister corruption returns from his vacation.

i only hope that with his death Libya will be reborn, but who can honestly tell?
the world's full of assholes
in the end they could have paved the way for someone worse then Gaddafi, knock on wood to counter that. but yes alot of guys with guns will be bored as said by Gargron.
We cant expect a happy ending yet :/

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