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Awesome Physics Videos (Thread)

I know a few of you are science nerds, so I figured I'd share this.

Basically it's a youtube channel that explains various concepts in physics using neat little drawings.

Here's the channel.

Also, here's a video to get you started.

I knew about this and did a paper on it long ago. It really is such a fascinating theory though in my view. I think personally that it is one universe with different parallel worlds. In a situation like this with the cat, the worlds combine for a moment and we must trigger it somehow so that it all falls into one reality for someone in that world. Sorry if this doesn't make sense ,but that is my view.

I don't agree with schrödingers cat. Whether we know it or not the cat can only be in one state. Dead or alive.

I guess I must not understand the theory.

I like the videos though :D

@Noodle - The trick is viewing the cat as a particle. If you read up on quantum physics, you'll find that one of our big physics problems is that the mere act of someone viewing a particle is able to change how that particle behaves as well as the properties of that particle. In other words the act of measurement aka viewing the particle changes the particle itself.

It's a principle of quantum mechanics that a particle can be in all states at once. For example... imagine if a crayon was both red and blue at the same time. At the particle level... this can be true.

This article explains it.

You can also read about the infamous double slit experiment which explains the effects of viewing a particle in quantum superposition.

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