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Kimi to Boku (Thread)
Kimi to Boku, a new Anime based on a Manga beeing serialized in Dengeki Monthly GFantasy, is surely not the most exciting to watch this season, however it is a rare case of a calm yet funny, very reassurign seensation i shall call "the original Spirit of Slice of Life" here. its basically abitu a group of Highschool Boys (not girls, as in most Animes of that kind) who, well, life and interact. its a lot mroe entertaining than it may sound though, and apart from the weird Failgerman in Episode 3 (actually the Grammar is all right, so its better than in most Animes, the worst example beeing the Bleach Bounto Arc; the Pronounciation is still put in a way that its hard for a Native Speaker to tell its his ow language on first Hear, though.) its very much enjoyable in-between, even itf it sjust to fill in the gaps.
so yeah, i thought i'd do a Thread on it sicne apparently noone has doen so yet. enjoy! calm down! discuss! if there is anythign to discuss... except maybe the evident lack of strogn BL-references, which is unusual for a show with a male-only cast...

kimi to boku no pico

All male-cast? We won't need the BL references. :D

@Shirosuke seems liek that.. but still, its a pretty enjoyable show! i guess, if i had to say it like that, its prolly what durarara would have become without the involvement of gangs or supernatural stuff.

What my friend said:
"I feel gay and trapped"

What I said:
"There will be shota rape in the future of this anime"

@break is it worth watching then?

@momimochi XD fml that was hilarious XDDDD



It's not a all male cast, in the second episode the plot revolved around a girl and she was present in the third ep as well. And it's a couple of more girls in the op as well. + That it's not a all male school so girls will be around.

@Meanier Keep in mind that no one likes that girl from the second episode.

@Kronifer 10000+

Also keep in mind that she's probably just going to be disregarded by all us who watches this thing. And of course, I can already feel all the fangirls' loath for her.

@despair4me would i make a thread on it if it wasnt?
@kronifer lol.
@Meaier what @kuru and @Momimochi said. @Momimochi up to now her only upside is that shes small...

@break you honestly want me to answer on that? :D joke tbh I didnt see who was making this thread ^^ sry

nah its okay^^

@canon -rage head desk-..-flips i will think of this every time i see it's name..thanks.

Love the show <3 but don't really see the point in putting the cats in it <-- they are cute though ^v^

this is one of my favorite animes..but i missed out 4 episodes recently

I couldn't ignore the gay vibe from guys brushing each other's hair.

Let's face it. Any show with the ratio of guys to girls like this one obviously has to have some BL bacon+lettuce. I swear I'm talking about bacon and lett /shothints to it.

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