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[Opinion thread] Define you idea of perfection? (Thread)

Ok, the title says it all! What's your definition of perfections? what's your idea of perfect?

The reason why i'm asking this is because i'm doing a document of perfections and people's different views of 'what is perfect?'

so therefore please post what perfect means to you.

do you believe in perfections?

or do you believe all humans are not perfect and make mistakes and are sinners?

there is no right or wrong answer so feel free to say anything. :D thanks
all answers will help me and hopefully i shall post the complete document, this is just a hobie to keep me entertained. so thank you once again

in case of objects, in case of persons, or in case of "undefiend"?? "perfect" in that sensewould be 2without any falses or failures", however in case of an actual person "perfect" is an objective thing defiend by your tastes, and a really"perfect" person by the other definiton is unsettlign and will nto be liked by anyone. ohther thigns, like writign or drawign style which may feel "cold" if left to be "perfect", falls under that case too, where it bcome sbad if its actuay "perfect, balanced, withotu any falses and after the norm"... i guess the only thing you can rea use for the first definition for that may be a ball. or maybe a cube, but no, more a ball.

Perfect is flawless.
I rest my case.

Yeah what @GMYui said,people that make simple things so complex and call it philosophical or something are so annoying :/.Don't turn a single word into a documentary.That's just my opinion.

Perfect = No Mistakes,Flaws,Ect.

to be technical and as realistic as possible, there are no perfection, in anything :P even with a nice round ball if you zoom in close enough you'll see that the surface is not perfectly smooth hence it's not a perfect round ball

so all in all, what everyone call "perfect" is, ultimately, what they want.

36Cs ;)

wow this is getting into an interesting debate XD

It really depends on whether you believe perfection itself (in the sense that something is flawless) can exist.

If you believe perfection is impossible... then I would say @Jin_sama is right. Even if you did have a perfectly round ball... someone else would come along saying that it's 'too round' and therefore imperfect.

The point is, under this belief system, perfection is relative and based completely in opinion. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

In addition to that, due to our environment and experiences... each individual's definition of perfection is bound to change over time. Take a new video game for example. You might think it's the best thing ever and that the developers have achieved perfection, but then 5 years down the road they come out with something with better graphics/gameplay... therefore your definition of perfection shifts because of where the new game has set your expectations.

However if you believe the perfection is achievable in the sense that it is flawless, then you can simply say that it means that something is flawless with no mistakes, etc.

The word itself is vague and therefore open to a variety of interpretations. That's why we came up with 'flawless' because the word 'perfection' is incapable of describing an item that has no flaws.

Perfection itself... is imperfect ^_^

Fieyr has put my views into a simple sentence.

Perfection itself... is imperfect.

Perfection to me is unattainable and non-existent, something we have fed ourselves to make us think what there could be and what we should try to be. There is no 'true' perfection, so to speak; as one person's ideals of perfection vary greatly from another person's.

This shouldn't turn into a debate of what is a flaw and what isn't.
Perfection is your highest imaginable standards.
Personally, I like to think I achieve a part of perfection when I don't have pimples on my skin~ = v =

true, but to me i believe in otherwise, i mean i don't believe in a perfection because we all are human and we were created to make mistakes, same things an absolute and forever, they don't exist. (my opinions so please don't turn this into a topic about if forever and absolute exist)

But there is a certain perfection that exist, and that is your perfection, don't misunderstand me and let me explain myself. we all have a 'certain person or a thing' we all wanna become right? like a mature, smart person, a girly girl, rock lover ect. right? So that's why all undergo certain phases to satisfy ourselves. So isn't that being perfect but in your own way since you wanna become that thing..... i guess perfect isn't the right word but 'ideal person' is.

scratches head i guess i'm blabbing nonsense again... ha...ha...ha...

@SullyAngel - Lol I was just about to say, I think the word you're looking for is 'ideal' ... and then I finished reading your post :)

I completely agree. Someone's own personal opinion based sense of perfection would be an ideal.

loooool XD i had a feeling that what i was explain didn't really match the definition on perfection.

I believe that there is no such thing as perfection. If there was, then it would be a huge nuisance. People are meant to learn and continue adapting. Perfection prevents that. I'm not saying that you shouldn't strive towards it, I just hope you never reach it.

Perfection is created by the human mind; the human mind is imperfect.
Once a person reaches what they believe is perfection they will never advance further even if others see flaws.
As an artist I'm hardest on myself, and the harder I am the more I can improve, this is the best and most simple example I can give.

There is no such thing as perfection on this planet. In this planet nothing is perfect there is always flaws, human are not perfect, animals are not perfect, insects are not perfect, no plants are perfect. In this planet there must be flaws to keep everything balanced to keep the equilibrium.

Well thats what i think anyway.

perfection would be teribel because with out flaws everything would be boring u gota have rain to enjoy the sun unless ur like me and like the dark

Yes perfection is impossible bcause everyone has there own idea of what that is. perfection is something that some people strive for like im trying to get toned muscles.
Some people would say im to skinny. its all personel

In my opinion, perfection is impossible. The life would be boring if everyone was perfect. I prefer people being not perfect and being incomplete because it's more fun that way.

tat's how I think

perfect... some one who is not not perfect... fucking genius comment

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