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Persona 3 rap (Thread)

Burn dread, specially his. Man with a gun, and blue headed kid. Tower climb, hour grind, Ryoji greens to go sign. Calls Death to bring the fall, keep runnin down the hall. Black white tiles, no end for miles, bring a gun to head. Pull trigger, minus suicide now burn my dread. Shadow persona, true personality; pull them out persona four and persona three. Back on tangent, focus on the ladder. World ends while climbin hells tower. Powerful death persona I never use begins with T, my party is Aki, Yuka-tan, Mitsy and me. Shinji dies before mid game hits; fuck that stoner, no time to quit. Game over? Fine, load saved progress; unlike Final Fantasy our guys are jobless. 55 hours and I'm level 68, reapers approachin' Fuuka hater gonna hate. Fight grim reaper, kill my protagonist. WHAT THE FUCK! Did that cold black bastard just Murder my whole team? Rage Shit! man Grumbles.... Load same progress again, what a pain. We got time to burn, and more Persona to tame, move your stick, play the game; Orpheus T my claim to fame. New game + and I carry over it all, 1 hit kills, have a ball, whats that? Lizzie makes a call. holy **** thats bull shit, bitch just killed me in one hit! Throws disc at wall......Wheres persona 4? Gonna fuckin kill Adachi.


Oh wait.

Haha, fuck a party, I soloed that bitch and succeeded. But really, this is pretty good, you do this yourself or did you take this from somewhere?

Uhhh.... What the FUCK did I just re--
OHH.... it's a self made rap.


So uhh, you want to rap it, record it, and post it?

Made this myself off the top of my head, thank you PureBoredom. Momi, I will record and Youtube it when I have time.

I think I'd record this in my manry lady voice... Nah screw that, i don't have the guts to upload such a thing.

It´s a really great idea! ^^
I`m looking forward to hear this. You have to pose the link when you uploaded it.

SRY for my bad Engslish ^^;

Looks pretty cool! I'd love to see it being done. Persona 3 was a great game.

So like, where's the music

OH, it's /RAP/

In all seriousness, it's a good idea. And there better be a nice-sounding beat to back up the lyrics, unless you really plan to be just a fast poet.

that made me so happy. other then the fact that i didnt really get what you were talking about :'D but im sure that the aniem will explain :)

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