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[COMPETITION 2011 ]Halloween writing competition: Story Post (Thread)

Hiya~ the time has come to post the stories, so please post them here. For those that have no idea what the hell i'm talking about,
right that's out of the way, <3 have fun~

I wrote this in less than an hour just now, I was in a gory mood, so if you don't like that, don't read....It really isn't all that bad but fair warning~! The next bit will be up later!

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.
Said boy and girl were very happy at the present, as happy as ANYONE could possibly be...However there was a twist to this event, a look into the background may help us out.
The boy and girl were maybe 7 or 8, the had red hair and pale eyes. Upon closer inspection, you come across another color in the childrens hair, and then in horror you realize that the two before you are covered in a thick, rich, fresh amount of blood.
Yet they were happy.
So happy, in fact that they were laughing and giggling, they appeared to be eating massive amounts of candy at once...But then another realization hits you. Candy isn't that unnaturally round and multi-colored because they would be large balls of gum or jaw breakers, but ah! They couldn't be swallowing those that fast. Suddenly, forgetting the last realization, you step forward to see if they are okay, half-serious, half-concerned...
The items in the small childrens hands are indeed eyeballs, and they were still laughing and smiling so happily as if no realizing it. They laid on fallen bloody bodies with hands curled in bloody bowls to scoop out the insides of the freshly wounded.
Intestines, they now pulled out intestines. Laughter fills the air more omnisously now and it appears that they are enjoying the gory treat.
They turn to you, bloody smiles just as happy as children could be...
You feel fear when their pupils dialate their teeth grow sharper...
They lunge like tigers at prey, and you freeze. The children with the innocent faces attack you.
And they tear at your insides, they pull and rip. You let out a gasp asn cold small fingers curl around something inside of you that is really sensitive...
With one tug, everything goes black.
You die slowly, painfully, and it feels like someone is pouring water all over you. You come to terms with the fact that it could be your own blood. You feel air escape your lips then someone forces your eyes open, you scream loudly because you know what this means.
Honestly, you feel like this has all happened so fast, you aren't prepared, but who would be prepared for this type of torture???
Small fingers press your eyelid open and another set wrap around it, pulling at it until you can't feel anything but that.
Before you know it, something tears. it feels like hot tears are sliding down your face, but you try not to think about what it is as you breath shallowly. These are hollow excuses for breathing, but you don't care because its all you can do to stay alive , you don't want to die...
Your body trembles uncontrollably, you are sure that your hand is twitching, but you can't be sure. You can't open you remaining eye to check, you hope it will be over soon. And that your life will end quickly so you can't feel bad about letting it happen, but the process is so slow, you can't handle it.

You die thirty minutes later, they have already pulled out your other eye and cut you so deeply that you are an unrecognizablr bloody mass...
They eat every last bit of you...

it was a mid August, and a man was driving in the middle of the night, and he was getting tierd so a sign told of a motel up ahead. The man orderd a room for the night and the woman behind thee desk told the man not too go into the first door of the rooms was a furnece room and it was off limits to guest. the mand walked by the first door and it look like all the doors and the man knew that furnece rooms didnt have pep holes, so the mans curiosity got to him and he looked through the pep hole. to his surprise it was a room not a furnece, he scan the room through pep hole and saw that there was a woman standing in the coner, the man looked a way and wondering why the woman lied to him he looks back in to the pep hole and sees that its all bright red and the man leaves to his room. while going to his room the person notice him at the door and wanted there privace, thats why the woman at the desk told him that story.

next morning the man goes to check out, and asks the woman that hes sorry to person in the first room that he look to the room, the woman said that he told him that story because a couple that wwhere actors and died in a horrible murder and each time guest stayed in that room they would feel uneasy, so they just told from then on it was off limint room and befor the man left the woman said that the people that died in the room had red eyes.

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