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S.978 bill will send innocent people to jail (Thread) - Page 2

Its in the nature of people
We won't react unless our way of life is threatened

In this case, otaku's, AMV makers, and indie singers on YouTube are being threatened by bills old fags want to pass for others to be miserable.

Like an old lady complaining about loud noise on the weekend at 1-3pm.
Just a random example

@canon if it comes to that, even I would take it to the streets. I would not accept being monitored and controlled. I hope no one would.

Let there be blood

weeell if its only going after the bastards who use free material or copyrighetd material they stole to gain money off the little children who dotn know how to steal themselves, then its good isnt it?
@Noodle waves ring let there be darkness.

@One but he's Canadian and he might have uploaded those videos from Canada so he's clean.

Sooooooo... @eterno, this bill only affects the US community?

how would a aw that only affects one country even work for the itnernet. tis nonesense.. even if it will pass the law now, if it only affects the U.S, then every smart U.S. user will just get a foreign IP-adress. or use a proxy.

This is just now getting to your attention?

  • First off, it is for those that make quite a bit off of the videos. Expect this to affect big name LPers like Chuggaaconroy, not you with your terribly shitty AMVs.
  • Next, companies can make a clause stating that streaming is ok, as Mojang plans to do.
  • The companies have to decide to press charges. They will not be doing this for every Dick and Jane that makes a Youtube video.
    Justin Beiber will settle out of court, pay his fines, and go back to being rich and famous.
  • You're already making illegal things, get the fuck over it if someone decides to punish you for it.
  • Children would not be punished, but their parents. This is ok, as children should, more often than not, be monitored when using the computer.
  • This bill does not affect innocent people. It lays out a ground work for companies to take action against those that are already breaking copyright laws.
  • Use your fucking brain. This isn't the end of the world. Keep calm and carry on.

@MyogiWarrior34 Well, duh... It's a bill not an International treaty

oh thats a sad 'n bad news.

it's like they're blocking the talents and creativity of the youngsters today :(

Sorry to disappoint, but laws don't work retrospectively. You cannot be charged for something you did before the law was created. Justin Bieber will be fine.

Next thing, does it pinch anyone else that for theft/murder you can get less time in jail than for piracy?

Vote for the Pirate Party in your country, bitches. Don't let this continue.

@gargron does the pirate party actually exist in other countries? i didnt check... but ti doesnt seem too likely, does it?


@gargron hrm. didnt know.. ive ben kidna reluctant to go that way sicne soem of their stuff annoyed me at soem occasions, but i guess as of now, there arent much better ones than them.. though of course, the main problem with the pirate paty is that, while they have the right ideas for us and are trustworthy and, well, everythign the people always want politicians to be; however, their problem is just tehy arent really skiled or knowledgeable concerneing actual politics.. because they only have one goal, and well.. seems they gotta adapt to not go down.. but well, we'll see how they turn out in the end.

From the front page of this bill

I've found like many loops around this without breaking the law

you're extremely badly informed, I have to say.
The "only one goal"-prejudice has been proven false years ago, read up on the party~

Just saying :<

///Nah Dude///

Well you're not exactly innocent if you're violating copy right laws. Listen to yourself, you're basically promoting copyright infringement. I'm not saying that people should go to jail for this. It's basically the issue with downloading music illegally. Obviously the whole nation can't go to jail. Still, doesn't mean you should do matter how good it might be. Of course I prefer that I'm able to watch manga and anime without paying.

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