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MMM TROLLZ IN CL CHAT!~ fantastic news you wanna read srsly (Thread)

so Hutch Hutchenson got trolled by user Volkievolks, apparantly an oldfag who created 60+ accounts just to troll CL XD. anyway, these are the pics to the chat.

...yeah i used printscreen+paint cause im not mod god material TT____TT
lol im such a personal army

here is the stuff
part 1
part 2
part 3

yeah... iwasted like 12 minutes doing this thing in paint.

but it was totally worth it for teh lulz :3

Apparently, that was "trolling at it's finest". Frankly, I'm disappointed. :P

we need better trolls!~
From PigBoss
To Staff of CL~
with rabu and bacon~ :3

Eh, I usually avoid chat. Seems I should continue this trend if this is what I'll have to put up with. :/

Oh, Volkie. I can't say I'm surprised, but come on, it's Hutch. Shouldn't do that to us. :<

What's a troll?

Volkie is a troll?

Part 1 had too much flywalker

Wait, you actually tagged me, pigs? Haha, my hero.

Volkie talks like that all the time, to anyone. Nothing special.

Not to me.

I bet they do. If I was supposed to be upset, mission failure. Doesn't bother me. This is the internet. Trolls are to be expected.

There is no such thing as "a troll".
The troll is within all of us.
If you let it out too often it will dull and become pathetic.

Only when it has been suppressed for long enough it comes out strong, mighty and wonderful. Keep this in mind kids. Only when the awesomeness fills you so much that you cannot control yourself,

wise words @Lycan +1


hmmmm. Volkievolks.... If only she was funny instead of annoying~

Golf clap

I'm no troll, trolls.

and you actually took the time to take pictures, someone has no life.

but thx for the thread

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