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Momentos (short film) (Thread)

Just watched this short film. If I had a heart, I would be bawling right now.

Ok It's a very short film, won't take much out of your time, but so beautifully made that it encompasses so many emotions and a moving story without a single line of dialogue. I found it genius.

I watched it. No words to describe it. I assure you, if I did, they're all positive.

It gave me goosebumps in some parts,without even any words.It was great but I didn't even shed a tear,still,pretty good.

I don't understand. It's his daughter and wife right? Why is he living on the street when they're doing so well? (based on their appearance at least). What happened to cause them to become separated?

Why was the guy in the car happy that the daughter hugged her father? Wouldn't that be a natural thing to do?

What were the circumstances surrounding him being on the street and the daughter and mother not coming to meet him sooner. And instead of just being like... hey let's go home... everyone feels the need to put on a Broadway play for him?

Maybe I'm missing some all important detail, but this had zero emotional impact on me.


No one knows why he is there or what got him to be on the street,but that doesn't really matter,he is on the street poor and alone no need to get into any further details than that.

For the guy who knows why he was so happy,I just assumed he helped put the whole plan together,the plan being to bring back the wife and kid to the homeless man,and he was happy that it was successful.You could also assume the man in the car was his brother or something and that was his reason to why he planned it,I mean there has to be a reason for him to stay there and watch the whole thing a random bystander probably would have kept driving not to mention the director wouldn't have shown the man in the car if it didn't mean something to the story.

Maybe they tried saying "Hey let's go home." he disagreed and he needed to have something to touch him like the home videos for him to be swayed to go home,he might have left his family for some tragic reason.We will never know what happened but again,you can go through the video without it and still understand that there might be a reason to why they needed to make a whole "Broadway play" for him.

Or maybe it's just a movie that is meant to emotionally touch you and just saying "Hey let's go home" isn't as emotional as the broadway play.

Though the video should be planned a little more,I'm guessing it was targeted to be a short movie so they didn't have all that time to put in that extra story stuff,but you can go through the video using assumptions and common sense and get the gist.Not saying you don't have common sense but maybe you're over analyzing it?

I really enjoyed this short film. There are a lot of questions to be asked about the situation of the homeless man, stuff like why did he get separated from his family.
But the point of this film isn't to question the past, it's to ignore it and feel the acceptance and happiness of the family when they found him. Maybe I'm not describing it very well or not wording it properly but that's how I feel.

P.S- Maybe I'm a bit biased because there are very few good things coming from Portugal, but this is one of them so I feel a bit proud that my country isn't just a garbage bin.

@Kitto - You're right. For people like me with very analytical thought processes, all of these questions are racing through my head while watching this. My mind makes futile attempts to make sense out of something that doesn't provide enough detail to come to any firm conclusion about the purpose/meaning of the film.

This, in turn, leaves my mind completely unsatisfied. And therefore, emotionally unaffected.

The guy's divorced and the missus married another man.

However a year later, the new husband died and the Mom and Daughter inherited his electronic store. They became very wealthy and decided to seek out the lost Daddy because the Mom needed a solace in her heart

They hired a P.I. and promised him a huge reward if he found the Dad. The P.I. found out from the two homeless dudes of the Dad's whereabouts and bribed them to make the Dad sleep in front of the window of the electronic store.

Afterwards, The Daughter asked her A/V nerd boyfriend to set up the TVs and her exes to carry them inside the store. She also looked around ebay for the doll since the real one got disintegrated in a freak playground accident.

Then, it happened like in the video and the Mom finally got the comfort she desired, the P.I. became famous and got a new Mercedes, the hobos robbed the store and bankrupted the family, and the family lived happily ever after on the streets

That's my interpretation anyway. Anyone interpret different?

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