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Advice to you ladies. (Thread)

no girl is a man's best friend. don't stay too close to whoever your "best guy friend" unless you are into him and want to have a relationship with him. Seriously. If you already have a boy friend and not looking for a new one. Just keep the distance alright?

It's really bad for the guys and give them ideas. Gee.


not to mention, it will give you feelings at the end.

i am a guy.
i like gurls.
i like it when gurls i like are close to me.
9mm quit this silly cock-blocking of yours.

If I'm with someone and they become best friends with another guy, Who cares? If they fuck him, Who cares? I'll just leave them and find a new girl. Who cares.

deft is cold. so cold. <///3 ;A;

@Lycan but when you want to get seriously with the girl and she already has that special someone, things get shit awkward and you start to feel all that starbucks coffees were just a waste of money and you feel like shit. It's like I love you and I can wait deal, but worse because you are just a friend to her.

You don't fall in love with every single girl you know.

That's a symptom of Loneliness.

it's a question of morale.

i can very easily imagine the situation, and yes it's awkward.
in my opinion you just have to deal with it. everyone's different but I'd try to swallow it and just move along. she's in love with someone else and that's how it is. I'd stay a friend to the girl but keep out of the danger-zone. i don't know if i'd be able to get along with the guy though, i'd probably try and avoid him.

if you really like the girl, being just a friend should be enough.

@Nico I said fucking "best friend". If you have more than one "best friend" then fucking look up what best means. Jesus fucking christ. For your fucking information, I only like one fish in the sea. and FUCK.

@Lycan Well yeah. Hanging around with her, knowing she will never return the favor, makes me feel happy still. But when she comes to me about her boyfriend problem I can't just say, "why can't you just dump that fucking asshole and find someone who respects and loves you for who you are wink wink." BUT I CAN'T FUCKING DO THAT. It's driving NUTS.

lol Nico XD im SO gonna talk about this during a book discussion for Brave New World :D

@9mm You could tell her how you feel. Though, there is a high chance that'll fail and she'll stop talking to you. But whatever right? Think of it like this - Even if you get with her it might just fail in the end. Not trying to be a downer or anything. If you do get with her though and she does break up with you, just remember the good times and move on.

Do you want to be with her or do you just want to be "Her best friend"?

good point TT.TT
what about if the guy already has a girl friend?

vice versa.

@Deftones or I'll just wait it out and kill her boyfriend.

@9mm Good man. Kill him and take his woman and castle!

If you get her to be your girlfriend, who's going to be her new best male friend?

I have some ADVICE for you:

things get shit awkward and you start to feel all that starbucks coffees were just a waste of money

Implying that you can buy a girls feelings with shitty coffee.
Implying that you can't treat a friend just to be nice.

I mean, jeeze, if you feel that spending time with someone and treating someone is pointless just because they don't want your love-cock then maybe you should just get the fuck out of there.

Glad I never go to Starbucks, it's apparently a waste of money and taste like crap XD

But if you were really "best friends" it shouldn't matter whether they fall for someone or not. "Best friends" are those you stay with regardless I guess.

Not that I have many friends as it is, let alone "best friends" :3

You make it sound like all guys are just sex-crazed animals.... you wouldn't be wrong to an extent either but there always are exceptions :3
Even to that~

Good evening
punches wall breaking it and walks off

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