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@NGH dude. do you think for more than 10 seconds? When you buy someone 30 starbucks coffees in a row and decline all the offers, that's a bit strange don't you think? 1,2 coffee is OK. that's a friendship right there. but 30? 30?!

30 is nothing. Most people LIVE off that crap. 30 is like one days worth.

@Hutch Hutchenson I don't know how that is even relevent.

You're trying to make it sound like 30 is the magic number or something.

you don't think it's weird when someone buys you coffee for 30 days in a row? and why you try to return the favor, he declines it?

No, I buy people coffee all the time. Doesn't mean anything.

ok you win.

@9mm just because you can't keep your cool, fell for her then unable to get her, resulting in falling flat on your face, doesn't mean that the same things will happen to everyone :P

@Jin_sama you know I can't argue with you.

FYI right now I have both girls and boys as friends, but the ones I hang out with most are boys because for some reason I seem to get on well with them. I'm not interested in any of them in that way, we are still friends and nobody has managed to mess anything up yet. I question whether this topic is born only of bitterness towards a failed romantic attempt.

@9mm Personally I have treated friends numerous times. It's not like "Oh, well, I already treated them three times so THEY'RE ON THEIR OWN NOW".

However, your first mistake was assuming that buying her coffee would actually mean something.

I wouldn't know, I haven't met a girl in 12 years that I would want to be friends with.

@Kuru damn Kuru... I feel... so sorry.

@9mm I don't feel bad. I'm a man, I regret nothing. That means I won't be friends with someone I can't even respect, let alone like. That's just the way it is.

just move on.

Move on, stop whining about crap.

Just because no one cares .____. even if you whine, it's not like that'll change the girl's/boi's mind


single for 2 years and tbh I love it <3333

Anyways dont expect much from these girls atm because the new trend is that they need a badboy who beats the shit out of them...

Who is she going to cheat with then?

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