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PAT:Khighhood tail My Comic (Thread)



I maid a comic evrybody read it it is greeat i with update evrry so offten.
In case you couldn't tell, this is supposed to be ironic

I knew this was ironic. I could tell just looking at your first words.

I saw the text, thought "uh oh! spaghetti-os" then read the first page of the comic, then noticed the username, thought for about a minute and then realised that you were totes trolling!

@Kubinashi-Rider What are you talking about? You saying I'm a regular "troller" or something? o-o I feel slightly offended, not much, just a little.

Jeez Train, Stop trolling all the time.

Gosh, I'm not trolling! If anything, I might be referred to as a closet troll, but that's really nothing to announce!

I like the first page, guy's holding the reins like a boss.

@MrTrain oh no, quite the opposite! Within 2 seconds of reading the first sentence I thought "oh god, it's one of those stupid people with their stupid comics", noticed your username and thought "wait a sec- DOES NOT COMPUTE" because all the posts I've seen in the past from you are coherent/intelligent so guessed you had to be trolling!
A bit of a slow start, only a one page update today.
I seem to have a hard time typing in such a manner as I do on the first post, it just gets on my nerves.

The comic is great despite (or maybe because of) your intentions.
Please continue, good sir!
Hm! Some people are now knights! I wonder who they are?

"So, we're knights now."

I'ma use these references in during conversations on here.

This is funny, I like your comics. I'm glad to see more from you since that one in that one thread.

"So, we're knights now." Love that line.

Why is this ironic again? Bad drawing? It's well written, I couldn't care less of the drawings.

Code Geass R2 was ironic, this isn't.
It's Kent Ici!
EDIT: Oh Hey...I forgot the speech bubble!

@MrTrain: I'm looking forward to how you convey the emotional Juxtaposition between the main protagonists.

I shall keep confidence in your spiffing depictions and hope that you perpetuate in your efforts.

PAT:Knighhood tail will be put on hold 'till NANOWRIMO is over, unless I just got a passionate idea I must share.

i know how popular PAT:Khighhood tail is so i made to pages enethoughi should be nano

I really should have been working on my NaNoWriMo


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